Poll Results: B2B KPIs

By Vlad andrianov, ADMA

B2B KPI for Acquisition

The ADMA B2B Expert Group has recently reviewed the results of its poll that went out to ADMA member organisations. Experts think the results offer a ‘good snap shot of the status quo’ in the B2B marketing space. Continue reading


What Jack Black Taught Us About Mobile Behaviour

By adam corney, business lead, minimega


In Cannes this week, actor/comedian/musician Jack Black presented a topic on the new world of online content that jumped out at a few folks on the intertubes. One comment in particular stood out: Continue reading

Mobile and Social Media Consumer Habits



Do you know what your customers’ expectations are today? What makes one person engage with one brand more than another? Are they using their mobile devices and social media and to what extent? SDL conducted a new survey that looked at exactly that – the mobile and social media habits of 4,000 consumers across the globe including the US, UK, Australia and Singapore. Continue reading

Connected Creativity



Consumer touch points and mediums have dramatically increased. The path to purchase is now dependent on a very savvy consumer who has so much choice, so many different ways to access content, the type of interactivity and engagement that the consumer is able to go through even before getting anywhere close to making a decision on the product or service. In all this, ideas and creativity are all-important but is your creative connected? Continue reading

Loyalty Programs in Australia – It’s Time to Improve


Loyalty Programs paper_28May13

Just because you have a loyalty program doesn’t mean it’s working. According to the recent Australian research report – For Love or Money? 2013 Consumer Study into Australian Loyalty Programs, only 41% of consumers feel that loyalty programs have improved in recent years and offer good benefits to members. Continue reading

Poll Results: Marketers Focus on Acquisition

By Vlad andrianov, ADMA

Acquisition poll results_2

The ADMA Acquisition and Lead Generation Expert Group has just reviewed the results of its poll that went out to 15 leading Australian companies. The poll’s results shed some light on current industry trends, say group members. Continue reading

Data Science is the new ‘Rocket Science’

By Vlad andrianov, ADMAData Scientist

It took a few satellite launches to coin a phrase ‘it’s not rocket science’ and we’ve been using it for decades to describe something that was not that hard to do. Because compared to it everything else seemed to be ‘piece of cake’. Rocket Science was that golden standard – you needed nothing less than a genius to tackle it.

But maybe the time has come to give the phrase a new spin, as Data Science comes into play. Neolane, the provider of conversational marketing technology, predicts companies will employ more data scientists in the next few years, as big data continues altering the approach to data analysis and business in general. Continue reading

The role of play in marketing

By adam corney, business lead, minimega

Kids Play

Children have had the right idea for centuries when it comes to marketing.

On the playground, the easiest way to make a new friend is to invite them to play with you. You enter into a mutual relationship where fun is shared, trust is gained, and joy is created together.

When lunchtime arrives the next day, you can guarantee that your new friend will be back to play some more and keep having fun.

That’s exactly the role of play in modern marketing. It brings us back to one of the simplest truths: those who play together, stay together. Continue reading