Jodie Sangster commences as CEO of ADMA

Jodie Sangster commences as CEO of the Australian Direct Marketing Association (ADMA) on July 1, 2011. In her new role Sangster will focus on ensuring the Association represents and supports the rapidly evolving marketing community.Jodie Sangster
“All marketing is now direct and is touched by digital,” said Sangster. ”It is my aim to ensure ADMA represents and supports data driven, accountable marketers looking to engage customers across a myriad of channels and technologies.

“Marketing has become a science – multi-channel, technology-focused, data-driven and customer-centric.  Integration is key, analytics are imperative and measurement is critical. Regardless of the channels it is now about creating a customer dialogue rather than just generating a response. With this in mind it is ADMA’s role to provide leadership, support and representation within the marketing arena.”

Sangster plans to introduce a range of new member initiatives specifically designed to meet the needs of all marketers– from entry level to CMO.  “The launch of our ‘members-only’ Marketing Hub will provide invaluable resources and access to the latest information and dialogue about direct, digital and data-driven marketing from around the world. We will also launch an online training hub, which lets marketers access interactive and engaging training anywhere, anytime.  This initiative will assist in addressing the current skills shortage that we face in Australian marketing community.”

Sangster said, “At ADMA, we have a strong, experienced team. We have access to the worlds’ best marketers and the strategy and plans being put in place right now to deliver these outcomes.”

Tony Davis, ADMA chairman said, “The association is excited to welcome Jodie and now faces the next chapter with a renewed vigour. We are already the largest marketing body in Australia by some margin and with Jodie at the helm we look forward to repositioning to ensure our continued relevance to members. The increasing value of what we offer across all aspects of our proposition, in the world of data driven businesses, will provide for a great platform for further growth.“

Sangster has extensive experience in global direct marketing, privacy and compliance spanning the US, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Most recently she was the senior vice president, global development for the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) in the United States.  During her time at DMA she gained a unique insight and perspective on direct marketing trends, issues and opportunities across many countries.

Before moving to the US, Jodie was the chief privacy and compliance officer at Acxiom Asia Pacific.

Previously Jodie worked as part of the Australian Direct Marketing Association (ADMA) team, as director, legal and regulatory affairs. She played a significant role in legislative development, including the Spam Act, Do Not Call Register Act, the review of the Australian Privacy Act and the development of the APEC Privacy Principles.

Jodie began her career as a lawyer in London specialising in data protection. She then became involved with the development of the direct marketing industry, joining the UK Direct Marketing Association and taking responsibility for both UK and European regulatory affairs.

Sangster said, “My career has involved many global outreach programs and initiatives adding to my global knowledge of direct marketing. My aim is to bring this experience and knowledge to ADMA and leverage it for our members.”


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