Maximising your Acquisition Performance through Digital in a Changing Landscape

Presentation Spotlight: Allyson Hohman, Marketing Manager – Digital, SEEK

Allyson recently spoke at ADMA’s Multi-Channel Acquisition seminar and made some very interesting points about acquisition; the way it was approached a few years ago, and what we should be aspiring to now and in the future. In short, it’s clear that change is here to stay.

Consumers Have Changed
Consumers no longer embark on a linear path to action, but rather move from place to place exploring content.

The Landscape Has Changed
Consumer choices are made from information gathered in a number of channels. According to Allyson, ‘it’s our job to isolate the relevant combinations of message and medium to best reach consumers and convert them into customers’.

We Can Connect From Everywhere… Everywhere. 40% of mobile users use the internet in the bathroom — Nielsen 2011

Not only is there a shift in mindset, but there is a shift in how consumers expect to communicate in digital platforms. Allyson says ‘we have evolved beyond websites and now interact  across a multitude  of digital touch points’.

The spectacular Rise of the Tablet
According to Google, tablets are the fastest-selling consumer technology device in history; the ipod took 360 days to reach 1 million units sold, in 2007 it took 74 days for the iphones to reach the sam e capacity and in 2010 it took just 28 days for the tablet to reach 1 million.

Granted, this also demonstrates that consumers are becoming more tech saavy as these devices become a third hand to almost everyone in western societies.

An interesting but obvious statement Allyson made with regards to mobile; mobile becoming just as prevalent as online and it allows for constant connectivity.

So what?

“Consumers don’t see the difference between marketing channels. They just see the brand and then use the channel that’s most convenient for them at that time”

– eMarketer

Consumers Share Across Platforms
Allyson had a few great stats that were worth mentioning with regards to cross channel marketing. “Each AutoShared Tweet turns into an average of seven new sessions on” and “Consumers share across platforms: 150 years of YouTube video is watched every day on Facebook”

Allyson exclaims that marketers need to ‘change the way we plan’:

Old Way

  • Simple
  • Mass Storytelling
  • Controlled

New Way

  • Diversified
  • Small Conversations
  • Transparent

Allyson provides 9 areas you need to be on top of to diversify and conquer:

  1. Map Out Your Strategy
  2. Create Digital Assets & Distribution Plans
  3. Implement (Smart) Technology
  4. Listen, measure & engage
  5. Connect with influencers
  6. Manage content across multiple social platforms
  7. Channel attribution
  8. Test creative
  9. Manage paid channels

Marketers are constantly being hounded with the reminder that you need to you need to know where your audience is’. Start chipping away at channel attribution modelling.

Test & Learn Process
Big ideas, big launch and big budgets
New: Micro strategies, big insights and rapid iterations

Tell consumers the right road to travel

Allyson reminds marketers to create new micro strategies and tactics. Make it easy for your customer to find you. Figure out the most popular pathway to your site and the pathway with the highest TTOS

Allyson’s main strategies for evolving are to measure, integrate, evaluate and learn, get impressions and follow your customer’s path to purchase. In summary, her talk reiterated the point that change is constantly here and marketers need to constantly evolve and measure to attract new customers and to remain relevant in this multi-channel world.

To view the presentation for yourself (with more stats) visit ADMA dialogue for more details.

 Allyson Hohman is the Marketing Manager – Digital for SEEK


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