Interview: Top Tips for a Successful Email Strategy

By Eric Prugh, Director of Solutions Consulting APAC, ExactTarget

Eric quotes one of his key strengths as “breaking down technology into digestible, meaningful tools.”

In this interview, Eric discusses his top tips for a successful email campaign and his had five simple rules for marketers to develop a successful email strategy:

  1. Establish at least five measurable goals and KPI’s for your email program. What makes it successful? How will you know it worked? How will you know your customers are engaged? (And those KPI’s should go beyond open and click-through rate).
  2. Keep it brief and link to more information where applicable. Always include concise, clear calls to action centred around what you want your subscriber to do when they receive the email.
  3. If you have usable data in any means to better target your email list, find a way to use it (and test that it works). This can be cross-channel data, previous buying behaviour, website behaviour, demographic data, or response data.
  4. Leverage your existing customer base: Incentives for sharing content, member-get-member, bonus coupons, win-back programs, etc. are all straightforward and have great long-term benefit.
  5. Test everything you possibly can to see what does and doesn’t work.

His background in interactive application design, user experience, online marketing best practices and optimisation provide a great backdrop to make recommendations for emerging trends in email marketing. Here Eric discusses where you should be investing your time and money and key trends to stay on top of:

  • Always integrate your email marketing strategy in line with what you’re doing in social media. Keeping the language and programs similar unites your brand across both digital channels. They don’t have to be identical, but they shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.
  • Invest in automation and data-driven programs. Email programs are becoming smarter, and allow you to be much more strategic in how you communicate with your customer. Use data and automation to drive programs.
  • Create a cross-functional “steering” team for your program: Get more people involved in what’s happening with your interactive marketing program (email, mobile, social, site) to collaborate on how to bring the pieces together. Every touch point with potential or existing customer matters, especially when they’re browsing the web and can easily leave your website at the blink of an eye.
  • Invest equally in retaining customers and acquiring new ones. SEO and search are great channels that are highly effective in gaining new customers, but how are you communicating and nurturing the people who have already bought from you? How are you ensuring they’ll buy from you again?


Eric Prugh is the Director of Solutions Consulting APAC, ExactTarget


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