Australian Marketers Focus on Acquisition Marketing


ADMA has been researching current marketing challenges, future trends and the latest innovations for their direction in 2012. A few very interesting discussions have taken place but the key topic at the moment is acquisition.

Yes customer acquisition is hot in marketing today, particularly seen when companies continue to drive down their sale prices even further, but it’s definitely not a new area. So you may ask why there continues to be a lot of buzz around this topic.

Firstly, acquisition marketing channels are making a comeback after a slight dip in spend that was caused by economically-driven caution on the part of marketers (or their company). But more importantly as society, media and technologies evolve, acquisition does to. How new technologies, social commerce, content and new media are changing reflects on the ways and means that marketers reach out to new customers and continue to engage and convert existing ones.

Developing strong brand awareness is also front of mind for marketers as they try to capture value from a halo effect. Attention is being found on the user experience rather than feeding users with information they don’t want.

A mobile world

Many marketers feel that an acquisition strategy that excludes mobile is a failure and they are revisiting their acquisition model to incorporate mobile for lead generation, campaign performance and ultimately conversion.

Get social…. acquisition in a connected age

Social is a huge potential for marketers who are doubling their social ramp-up and optimising it as an acquisition tool. From discussions, most people within the industry are trying to understand how they can leverage their customers’ social circles and influence what they buy, what they do and where they go.

This holistic and actionable view of the online consumer will have major implications for the development of acquisition tactics that we are going to see in the future.

It’s an exciting time for acquisition, but the fact remains that it can only be as effective as the strategies or systems that marketers have available. For more information on how to leverage your acquisition potential watch out for ADMA’s Acquisition Group which will be launching soon. For more details contact us to get involved.


One thought on “Australian Marketers Focus on Acquisition Marketing

  1. Now that is what I call exciting. Love reading that Acquisition is the hot topic…and the reality is that it only drops to luke warm. Acquitision is always on most organisation’s radar. But, let’s not get too sucked into the vortex of Social Media. The traditional channels of mail, and email and still rock solid in their ability to return a good ROI. To me Social Media will always be an engagement tool, once someone has taken the first step of engaging with your organisation. But to get the conversation started, nothing beats mail. Using the right list, nailing the offer, and delivering some cut through creative. When that blend is done well…new customers come rushing through the door.

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