A New form of Social Engagement: Marketers can Finally Interact with TV


Until now, TV networks have struggled with dwindling advertising, as advertisers become more and more focused on one-to-one customer engagement. This is now changing with the phenomenal growth of smartphones and social, which are paving the way for one-to-one interaction to take off in the world of television. Marketers are now dealing with a new form of customer engagement and a growing force; the masses talking back on TV through social media. The question is how are marketers going to react?

In 2011, the MIT Technology Review published a cover story which focused on the emergence of Social TV analytics and its applications in the TV advertising industry. It stated that of the approximately 300 million public comments made online worldwide every day – about two-thirds of them on twitter – some 10 million, on average, are related to television.

The 2012 GRAMMY Awards took place last week and are a prime example of traditional mass media capatilising on this new social technology.  Unlike a lot of organisations, they have managed to keep up with fast changing technologies and adapt to change. The way people interact and engage with different brands has become very socially focused, and not only have the GRAMMY’s understood this shift but they have managed to leverage and take full advantage of these powerful tools. According to Bluefin Labs – a social analytics company that studies social TV engagement – the GRAMMY’s Awards telecast, as well as the 3 hours preceding and following the telecast, generated 13.0 million comments from U.S Facebook and Twitter users, setting an all-time social TV record.

Christina Warren, Entertainment Editor at Mashable wrote an article about how Social Media helped the GRAMMY’s achieve such phenomenal success and said: “What this strong commitment says to us is that the GRAMMY Awards aren’t playing around with social, the team gets it”.

The integration of social engagement into traditional television broadcast is fantastic, but the GRAMMY’s success was reinforced by a solid execution of their social and mobile marketing strategies which have driven the growth of the GRAMMY’s digital media program light-years ahead of similar organisations.

It will be interesting to see how other organisations capatilise on this medium in the future; how they measure their prospects and analyse their habits, preferences and reactions. For us, this reinforces the argument that the line truly is non-existent and that we should be looking at for all channels of marketing is to engage with customers on a one-to-one level.

Beverly Jackson, Director of Marketing, Social Media and Strategic Alliances at The Recording Academy (organisers of the GRAMMY Awards) will be presenting at ADMA Forum this August. She will be sharing key insights and lessons from the social, mobile and digital strategy of the 54th GRAMMY Awards.

ADMA Forum will be held in Sydney on August 22 – 24 2012, click here for more information.


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