Google’s Hottest Measures to Drive the Consumer to You


Today most business’ products and prices are readily available on the web. For marketers, it is becoming more important than ever to understand how the modern buyer is pre-purchaseing researching to avoid being left behind. “These days, the power lies in the hands of the consumer,” notes Dave Smith, Strategist at Google.

As consumers are most likely to start the buying cycle on the internet, marketers need to stay one step ahead of the game and understand potential customers’ research patterns in order to capture their attention online. “If we don’t get on top of where our customers are researching and if we don’t investigate and understand their touch points, we run the risk of missing out on a lot of value and potentially losing a lot of acquisition,” says Smith.

Enter Click Attribution. Attribution has been around for a while but it’s not until recently that it has become the new buzz word in the marketing industry. It has risen to prominence lately as it assists marketers in understanding a consumer’s journey online at every touch point of their buying cycle. “Click Attribution in a nutshell is looking at all of the data that leads up to sales conversion,” explains Smith.

In a time of shrinking budgets, it’s crucial that every marketing dollar is spent as wisely as possible. Marketers now need to carefully assess all channels used in the pathway to purchase in order to appropriately evaluate and weigh their online spending tactics. Click attribution assists marketers in smoothing out this difficult and time consuming process. Ultimately, Attribution allows for continuous improvement of sales conversions and media ROI.

To hear Dave Smith present: “Improving campaign performance through analytics and attribution”, register for ADMA’s Data Day event in Brisbane 10th May, Sydney 15th May or Melbourne 17th May. For more information and to register click here


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