Social Commerce and Brand Interaction


The intersection of technology, organisational change and culture has provoked some discussion of late; particularly the impact that social business is having on the way brands interact with consumers. In a world where businesses are increasingly transparent and where brands have to be comfortable naked, there are many challenges faced for companies when moving from a broadcast thinking to opening up a social dialogue.

The consumer sets the pace of innovation and technology by demand. As consumers continue to search for easier and more productive technologies, organisations invest more and more on trying to ‘see’ the consumer through data in order to make critical decisions, both marketing-wise and company-wide. Businesses are drowning in data more than ever before, yet surprisingly they still can’t fully visualise, or understand their customer.

As businesses tread carefully with this change that could substantially improve relations for their business, the Cluetrain Manifesto’s point is so important – Customers talk and the audience listens. 

Organisational refinements must be made to harness social platforms to drive business and build brand equity. How will organisations adapt? To find out the full story on social commerce and brand interaction, ADMA are hosting a FREE Member Exclusive Lunch n’ Learn from UK ITC Specialist, Will Morey – Monday 4th June. Seats are filling fast, so email to register your interest now.


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