3 Reasons Why Relationship Marketers Need Display

 By Scott Jones, General Manager for Display at Responsys

About a month ago, I had the pleasure of taking part in the ‘Future of display advertising’ panel at ad:tech Melbourne alongside Marc Barnett from ninemsn and Paul Fisher, CEO of IAB Australia. We came together to discuss the role of display as a marketing channel, its increasing value to marketers and what this resurgence means for today’s cross channel marketing programs.

While we all know that display has an been an integral part of a marketers’ tool kit for years, with the advent of new cookie tracking technology, its value to the relationship marketing mix is more significant than ever. Let me explain what this means for marketers by covering some of the points I raised on the panel.

1.  There is no more ‘batch and blast’ with display

Display technology is now at a point where it is becoming so personalised that marketers can target consumers with far greater precision – similar to what happened to email over the past decade. Today marketers not only have more data available to them, but the granularity of the data has vastly improved. This provides new opportunities for marketers to increase their return on investment. However, if marketers are to see real returns from their display marketing, they need to combine this approach with email and other channels in an automated and orchestrated manner – signalling a well overdue end to the ‘batch and blast’ approach.

2.  Knowledge is power

It’s important to note that while return on display marketing is generally lower than email, it increases significantly when the two are combined. At Responsys we provide an environment where marketers are able to interpret the information they hold on their customers and orchestrate it into their cross-channel marketing strategies. Take Dollar Thrifty, for example. By serving well-timed and personalised display ads to customers who had received email offers, they realised over 22% revenue lift. The message is clear – for optimum success, marketers need to combine their email and display strategies. It’s not rocket science, it’s smarter marketing.

3.  Finding the cash cow

While the environment today is challenging, marketers should not use this as an excuse to rest on their laurels. If marketers want to get ahead in this challenging consumer environment, they need to innovate and focus on orchestrating coordinated campaigns. They need to turn this ‘challenge’ into an ‘opportunity’ by leveraging technology and automation. If they do, it will free them up to develop new strategic programs that will drive their business success.

To learn more about Responsys Interact for Display, visit http://www.responsys.com/suite/display.php


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