Driving Innovation with a Clear Mobile Strategy

Kim Eupene, eCommerce: Social Media & Mobile Analyst, Virgin Australia

Without a clear mobile strategy, it can be impossible to recognise when and what to invest in – and investing in everything is likely to prove too costly and demanding for any organisation to successfully maintain,” says Kim Eupene, e-Commerce: Social Media and Mobile Analyst at Virgin Australia.

Smartphones are part of people’s everyday lives, and it has become vital for businesses to take advantage of the opportunities given by these tools. Fast changing mobile behaviours need to be clearly analysed in order to offer customers what they are looking for. Ms Eupene explains that “at Virgin Australia we place a lot of value in research and feedback from our guests. Understanding how our guests are interacting with us, what tools they are using to do this, and what we should be doing better to improve their experience with us are all key.”

Our Mobile Planet: Understanding the Mobile Consumer, a recent report undertaken by Google, has revealed that 52% of the Australian population owns a smartphone and that 65% accesses the Internet daily through their mobile devices.

Google’s study also discovered that 51% of the population utilises their smartphone daily as a point of search and that 28% of the users made a purchase of their phones. Therefore, it has become crucial for organisations to create successful mobile optimised strategies. “At Virgin Australia we see our mobile website as a utility tool – something that our guests can use while they are travelling. This means that it needs to be universally accessible, not dependent on the latest devices or technology. Given the growth in mobile traffic we are seeing, a mobile optimised site is vital for any organisation,” reveals Eupene.

Consumers are constantly connected and given multiple options to choose from which means that businesses need to recognise mobile technologies as an investment in their brand. “Mobile is most definitely a tool that we find highly beneficial when it comes to engaging our guests in the Virgin Australia brand. We are seeing increasing confidence from consumers when it comes to making purchases via their mobile devices. This suggests that within the near future mobile will be a key channel for revenue and brand investment,” states Eupene.

To be a step ahead of the game, businesses need to speak the language of their consumers. As claimed by Ms Eupene, “staying abreast of the rapidly changing mobile environment is a potential challenge for any organisation. Understanding what is coming next in terms of mobile technology is critical.”

Come and join us at ADMA Forum 2012 and hear more from Kim Eupene about how integrated mobile strategies drive business innovation and growth.


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