Secrets to Success for Award Winning Online Retailer

By Mark Capps, CEO and Co-Founder, Sneaking Duck

These days, it is not only necessary to understand what your customers want but also to think outside the box. To become more effective and achieve greater results, you need to add creativity and fun into the equation and exploit the power of available technologies. Mr Capps explains, “we want to create the best possible customer experience for buying glasses. And technology allows us to not only match, but beat, the offline offer. We launched our try-on at home product as an innovative way to get products into peoples’ hands. For us it’s not about online or offline, it’s about how to make the experience great, and using technology to achieve something amazing.”

Value, price and experience are core drivers for customers when considering purchasing one product over another. Choices are multiple and if you want to win over your competitors you have to offer your customers something unique and that will add value to their experiences. “Price is important, but not the only thing. We seek to offer the best possible customer experience as well as a great  deal for customers – we only stock frames we would wear and we include a hard case and cloth, shipping is express and free and we offer free return shipping no matter the reason. It’s this overall package that people value,” says Capps.

Businesses cannot afford to ignore the fact that a digital revolution is taking place in Australia and that this transformation is reshaping the way we market. It has become vital for marketers to stay ahead of the game and continuously innovate.  “We are seeing a shift from the Facebook style of communications to the rich visual approaches taken by Instagram and Pinterest. Video is the next logical step – this all creates the need for ever more high-quality content to be created by brands to engage their followers,” explains Capps.

The ‘online spectacles’ store Sneaking Duck has recently been crowned “New Retailer of the Year” and received the “Innovation in Retail” award at the BRW AMP Retailer of the Year Awards.

At ADMA Forum 2012, Mark Capps, Chief Executive and co-Founder of Sneaking Duck, will reveal the secrets behind his success. Mark, an ex-Google strategist, is extremely excited about sharing how he has managed to gain customers’ attention and develop brand awareness in a competitive environment. “We are continually focused on understanding our customers and we use this knowledge to improve the experience we offer them,” reveals Capps. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from Mark Capps about how to gain customers attention in an digital world at ADMA Forum 2012. Register Now.


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