Mobile: Still a Low Priority?


Marketing on the move? And no strategy around it? If so, you might be among 51 per cent of marketers who have not thought of integrating mobile into the marketing mix yet.

These are the findings of the Cross-channel Marketing Report produced by Responsys. The provider of on-demand marketing software and professional services has captured the insightful mobile marketing information in this infographic, which offers a look into how companies are integrating mobile into their cross channel marketing and advertising campaigns.

Despite high level of smartphone penetration in Australia, it might still be a while before marketers have a full grasp of mobile advertising channels and geotargeting. But the infographic has a few tips on how to get them started.

4 years is a long time in the tech world. Since the last Summer Olympics in Beijing the mobiles have gone from 18.9 million units to 106.7 million (that’s a 456% growth).

So how do you harness the power of mobile to boost your integrated marketing campaigns?

We think we’ve got just the right man to talk about it. Director of Marketing, London 2012 Olympic Games will be speaking at ADMA’s Fusion event. And you can still register here:


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