B2B Marketing: Do You Still Golf?


Product development, distribution, branding and promotion: B2B marketers face the same issues as the B2C ones. And even though the line between the two often blurs, still there are plenty of differences, specifically when the product or service has a high price tag.

Here’s how it’s been done before:

  •   branding
  •  collateral
  •   PR
  •  own marketing leads
  •  cold calling into target accounts
  •  educating the buyer & developing the case for the purchase

Here’s where it’s been done:

  •  Sales meetings
  •  Trade events
  •  Golf course

Here’s how it happens now:

  •  Tracking the companies’ “digital” footprints
  •  Using data-driven methods to identify leads
  •  Identifying the right moment to pass leads to sales

Where does it happen now:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Google

In its whitepaper Icon Visual Marketing, a full service marketing agency, says that the challenge for the B2B marketer and sales team is still in maintaining personal relationships with customers. Not only should they provide solutions to business problems, but they should identity potential business challenges for their clients.

And here’s another whitepaper from the UK, which focuses on the importance of developing an understanding of the new channels and new opportunities within B2B marketing space and the skills to manage them effectively.

Yet another London based agency Earnest thinks it’s about time for B2B to lead B2C. They are successfully getting their point across in this short and entertaining video on B2B Social Media Marketing:


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