Perpetual Creativity

Well, the universe is flying apart at a faster rate, things are getting more complex, whereas the ‘big ideas’ are growing smaller.

It’s complicated. And that’s exactly the point.

Nearly 3 years ago in its Global CEO study, IBM said that 79% of CEOs expected rapid escalation of complexity in the next 5 years & thought of it as the biggest challenge their organizations would face. But most importantly the majority of CEOs seriously doubted their ability to cope with it.

One of them, an Energy and Utilities CEO in the US, said that “most people are looking backward, wishing it was still like it always was.”

Unfortunately for some, the companies cannot afford to go back to the “good old days” when messages were broadcast to a public across just a few channels & when “big ideas” were roaming the marketing landscape.

It’s all about “perpetual beta” now – when marketers don’t think of their programs as campaigns, but rather as a work in progress, without distinct start or finish – quite a paradigm shift.

Marketing has always been a numbers game. Of course, it is all about traffic, impressions and visibility, but the insights into what actually motivates a market are just as important.

Back to the CEOs now. You’d think that, when asked to prioritize the most important leadership qualities, they’d mention fairness, focus on sustainability or global thinking. However creativity was the most popular answer (60%).

The heads of the companies said they were learning to respond swiftly with new ideas to address the deep changes affecting their organisations. And that means moving away from a business model of “easy to sell” to “easy to buy”, improving organisational communication with the help of blogs, Internet presence, instant messaging and social networking, as opposed to traditional top-down communication.

ADMA does its share in making sure this message is being heard and there are people around who know how to lead creatively. Last Friday’s graduation ceremony at ADMA’s Creative School is proof of that.

To find out more about the school please see more details here.

In the meantime, here’s this year’s Overall Winner & Best Creative Charles Grant with his acceptance speech:


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