Reshuffle and repeat … Not!

“Much of the content on the Internet is unoriginal and devoid of critical thought.” That’s according to Movéo Integrated Branding, a full-service business-to-business brand communications firm from Illinois.

Brian Davis, the company’s Managing Partner, says that what he sees on the web today reminds him of that video he saw a couple of years ago: “I’ll repeat exactly what you told me and shuffle the words around a bit.”

Movéo have recently come up with a new whitepaper where they’ve formulated the Content Marketing Laws, outlining the ways to combat empty words and ideas.

So let us now reshuffle, repackage and repost a few of them:

Law #1: With the increase of content consumption rate, the value of fresh content rises.

Law#2: Content complexity multiplies the challenges of managing it.

Law#3: The rise in the number of content sources results in the importance of upholding & enhancing a brand’s reputation.

Law#4: Technology breakthroughs boost the need for rich media.

Law#5: Prospects may become customers in exchange for great content and thought leadership.

In other words, produce enough fresh content, hire a person to manage it, be aware that consumers will think you are as good as your content, so make it rich. And, above all, get a confident voice, speak the words of wisdom and let the rest follow you.

ADMA has its own insights on the issue and is ready to share them during its Content Marketing Course. We made it really easy to sign up.

And here’s a relevant and entertaining rich medium for you:


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