Marketing Resolutions to Keep in 2013


Resolutions – it’s so easy to make them. But keeping them is a whole different story. However, as the world around us is changing so quickly, maybe it’s a good idea to change with it, keep the promises and deliver against tough targets. Here’s how to stay in the marketing game this year.

Exercise Big Data more

  • Embrace the explosion of data
  • Analyse data to better understand the audiences
  • Use data to spark relevant ideas and drive creativity in real time

Spend more time on Mobile

  • Study the “always on” consumer culture
  • Help people to stay more connected to the things they love & have fun as they do it
  • Make sure your YouTube videos are optimised for smaller screens
  • Integrate mobile into campaigns from the get-go, don’t treat it as an add-on
  • Respect people’s private spaces

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Take your family of products on global trips

  • Make sure your brands tap into the rapidly growing foreign market demand
  • Differentiate your brands visually from the competition
  • Advertise to the world, tell compelling brand stories

Save money

  • Ask for more ROI with the same or lower spending levels
  • Nurture ideas that amplify the effect of existing campaigns

Lose the boredom, craft the content

  • Connect with your audiences in a unique and relevant way
  • Make sure your brand is less busy with what to say and more with how to say it
  • Blur lines between online and offline brand experiences
  • Focus on creating content in a more strategic and agile way.

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Recycle old ideas, create new ones

  • Foster creativity
  • Deliver messages in line with constantly evolving technologies
  • Be a Jack of all creative trades
  • Embrace collaboration among social strategy, digital, creative and technology

Good luck & have fun with your marketing careers in 2013!

By Vlad andrianov, ADMA


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