App and Down the Mobile Ladder


What are your key reasons for building a branded app? Are you trying to shift perception of your brand, increase loyalty, or introduce a new product line? Is it just because “everyone else has it” or because you need one to drive traffic to your site, boost your sales and brand awareness? Whatever your reasons are, here’s what you should know…

 APPalling apps

With the average cost of $6K to $150K (depending on complexity) – an app could be a big investment.  Don’t build it for the wrong reasons, do your research prior to rolling up your sleeves, and try to get it right from the get go by maintaining high quality control:

  • Novelty factor is there to back you. But if “fun to use” is the only thing that makes your app stand out the users will delete it. And that’s a lot of money to spend on one impression.
  • Get your content right & make it engaging. Don’t disguise your sales pitch as an app. Design it. Don’t just copy-paste from a hard-to-navigate micro-site.

Worst Branded Mobile Applications

  • Don’t over-design it. Mind-blowing typography and cool icons do not equal user-friendliness. Make it a pleasant experience for the user.
  • Fix the bugs before the release. An app that’s not working the way it should, will reflect poorly on your brand.

APPlause for apps

Consumers spend a significant amount of time interacting with mobile apps compared to just browsing the web. That’s why some marketers are increasing their mobile budgets by 70% this year. But to gain traction your app should help the consumer solve a problem, get information, save money, save time, and have fun while doing it. It has to be useful. Here’s what a successful app should be made of:

  • Make sure your brand’s app has the ability to provide customers with recommendations and offers based on their whereabouts.
  • Include social sharing capabilities. Integrate your app with the most popular social networking sites.

Mobile Apps That Got It Right

  • Sort your commerce engine to make purchasing products via your app clear and simple.
  • Promote your app. Give people a sense of what it does, and urge them to spread the word. If you’ve done a good job, the app will catch on.

Are you building an app right now, or have you built one already? What are the challenges? Share your thoughts?


In the meantime watch this promo for a branded app that’s been downloaded by 17 million people.

By Vlad andrianov, ADMA


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