Social Media Pulls a Disappearing Act

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No, this not about the decaying web and the disappearance of your tweets. Although it’s true, according to a study about 27% of online content referenced by social media in the last two years had been lost. It’s about the disappearance of social media as we know it.

In his blog “The New Rules of the New Economy” Kevin Kelly writes about the technology and how it becomes invisible to us as soon as it’s wide-spread. Kevin says that “the industrial revolution has succeeded because we can no longer see its soldiers, the motors.” So the more networking succeeds, the less we’ll be aware of it.

Social media is far from being new. Web is now native to a whole generation of young people. They don’t know the world before it. First chats and blogs, and now Facebook and micro-blogging – social networking is such an inseparable part of people’s lives. And thus it becomes invisible and matter of fact to most of us.

But what does it mean to the marketers of the future though?

  • Social media will most probably disappear as a term, as everything will be, and arguably already is, social.
  • Current networking platforms will morph in a way that we might not recognise them, empowering people to connect, aggregate, find, and share seamlessly and live.
  • On a company level, social media will cease to be optional & the concept of converged media will be embraced.
  • SMBs will be revolutionised by new ways of social customer acquisition
  • Social will become a stream for product discovery.

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  • Social media will become a direct line to customer service.
  • Pictures and videos are not the last frontier. Social will explore our senses further with vision, sound, touch and smell.
  • Social will create more jobs and traditional office space will be reinvented or will cease to exist.
  • Mobile will be increasingly tied to social. And a company’s mobile strategy will define success.
  • Brands will concentrate on listening, understanding, and driving better products.

Malcolm Bell, eCommerce Disrupter, says the pace of change has affected the way we network, but not the fact of networking itself. Watch his inspirational TED talk and let us know whether you are ready for the disappearance of Social as we perceive it today?

By Vlad andrianov, ADMA


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