Ones and Zeros Marketing

Zeros and Ones

With technology moving so fast it’s hard to predict whether we will still be calling digital marketing digital even one year from now, or whether we’ll drop the tag altogether, as everything seems to be digital these days.

Whatever it’s going to be, ones and zeros will continue to help us drive sales and be creative while doing it. Here are a few ideas about where we are headed.

Bears and Birds

It’s all about Google’s Panda and Penguin updates that focused on quality and originality of content. 2012 saw many brands jumping on the bandwagon and joining in the content-production game. If your writer or journalist friends are still unemployed – it’s on them. The companies are increasingly recruiting storytellers and social media experts to help them engage with audiences on levels never attempted before.

In its latest report on the B2C sector the Content Marketing Institute says that on average North American B2C marketers are spending nearly 86% of their budgets on content marketing. The firm’s other report into B2B says that 91% of marketers were using content marketing in 2013. These numbers are set to grow and Australia will follow suit.

Mobiles and Tablets

This year the brands are shifting their focus to on-the-go consumers who are attached to their mobile devices. And that’s almost all of us. According to ADMA’s Mobile Expert Group nearly 70% percent of Australians own smartphones. The group’s initial survey distributed to all ADMA member organisations shows that a high proportion of ADMA members are making mobile a priority this year.

But back in the US, the social website for professionals, HighTable, suggests that mobile advertising will be a $5.04 billion industry by 2015.

The new marketing mantra for mobile this year is: concise content, responsive design, touch-screen friendliness and mobile apps.

Data and Analysis

We’ve scattered stones, we’ve collected them. Now what? 2013 will be the year when all the data that companies have been scrupulously collecting is put into practice.

Affordable analytics solutions will be a game changer for smaller and medium-sized businesses. For the first time in marketing history these companies will be able to translate their data into actionable insights and, subsequently, better targeted campaigns.


And here’s ADMA’s contribution to understanding the Ones and Zeros and how they apply to the marketing of today. Our Digital Marketing Course is available to marketers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

The course will provide a complete overview of all aspects of the digital landscape and how to integrate and use them to achieve business and marketing objectives. It is designed to cover the complete marketing mix and be relevant across multiple roles and disciplines, whether client side or agency. We hope to see you there.

In the meantime, here’s how digital our lives will get in under two years’ time.

By Vlad andrianov, ADMA


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