How integrated is your search and social marketing?


To provide ADMA members with the most relevant thinking in the ever-changing marketing landscape, ADMA has combined their Social and Search Expert Groups into one combined group.

To help us kick off the ADMA Search and Social Expert Group, please consider investing seven seconds of your time to answer our one question poll: how integrated is your search and social marketing?

So…wondering why you should integrate your search and social marketing efforts?  Here’s a few reasons why.

Support Australian investment in Content Marketing

ADMA partnered with the US Content Marketing Institute and produced an Australian based content marketing research report.

The report states that “overall, 61 per cent of Australian marketers (70 per cent of B2C and 59 per cent of B2B) plan to increase their content marketing budget over the next 12 months.”

For content to influence the consumer’s path to purchase, it needs to be searchable (and relevant) at the moment the consumer requires the information. Published content also needs social support to be distributed (paid, owned and earned social) to followers and (ideally) further shared through people’s social networks.

As Australian brands invest heavily in content marketing, they will need to optimise their search and social resources and tactics.

Influence the connected consumer’s path to purchase

The connected consumer is using multiple devices to seek information they need during their path to purchase. Google’s ‘Mobile Moments Search Study’ found “45 per cent of all mobile searches are goal oriented and 51 per cent of study participants were more likely to make a purchase.”

By optimising search and social marketing, Australian brands can design and publish content that supports consumer needs in a multiple device environment.

Social signals influence search results

Google’s search algorithm uses over 200 factors to produce search results. Through primary research, Search Engine Land outlines their evidence of a positive correlation between search and social.

As well, the launch of Google Authorship directly integrates content with the author’s Google Plus social profile.  The Google Plus social profile image will accompany the author’s content within a Google search result.

Remember: participate in our search and social marketing poll and have your say!

Mike Hickinbotham, Telstra - Photo

Mike Hickinbotham is Telstra’s Head of New Media and serves as Chair of ADMA’s Search and Social Expert Group.  You can read Mike’s impressions about Social Media Marketing at his blog ‘Socialising the Corporation.’


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