Data Science is the new ‘Rocket Science’

By Vlad andrianov, ADMAData Scientist

It took a few satellite launches to coin a phrase ‘it’s not rocket science’ and we’ve been using it for decades to describe something that was not that hard to do. Because compared to it everything else seemed to be ‘piece of cake’. Rocket Science was that golden standard – you needed nothing less than a genius to tackle it.

But maybe the time has come to give the phrase a new spin, as Data Science comes into play. Neolane, the provider of conversational marketing technology, predicts companies will employ more data scientists in the next few years, as big data continues altering the approach to data analysis and business in general.

In its recent whitepaper Neolane reports that an increasingly robust wide array of open-source or freeware technology has fundamentally changed the cost-benefit equation for big data, making it accessible and affordable in recent years.

To a certain degree, marketers can circumvent IT processes because they are now in the driver’s seat on the investments and they largely need to step up and play a more prominent role in the data discussion.

Unfortunately, it’s a conversation few marketers are prepared to have with the IT department because:

  • many organisations lack the skills required to exploit big data
  • there’s shortage of analytical and managerial talent.

And this is where data scientists step in to help marketers interpret all available and relevant data. Their role is to:

  • address business problems that have the most value to the organisation
  • study data and spot trends and hidden insights
  • examine data from multiple sources and at many angles
  • recommend ways to apply the data.

The question is, how will marketers gain access to this role? Is it a new marketing role, a shared service, or a hybrid of both?

To find out more download Neolane’s whitepaper, visit their website or just ask one of their experts during ADMA’s Data Day Event.


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