Measuring Sales Performance



Measuring the performance of sales teams can be essential to success. Either under analysis or ‘analysis by paralysis’ can result in team and individual performance that is sub-optimal. Here are 5 keys to successful measurement of sales teams.

1. Measure the skills and capabilities that are imperative to the success of the business or team

2. Measure the behaviours that will have the biggest impact on results

3. Measure consistently and frequently so that your culture and focus becomes one that is of the key imperatives of success

4. Make this measurement transparent so that your high-performers set an example and your lower performers understand that their performance isn’t up to scratch

5. Understand your conversions. Without them you will not know why your team is over performing or under performing. Conversion rates act as a guide on:

  • Email response
  • Voicemail response
  • Meeting to proposal
  • Proposal to sale
  • Sale to execution

Knowing your numbers is critical to optimal performance, both in the short-term and long-term.

Johnny Lee is a  Principal at The Channel Group, he’s also a sales trainer, coach and strategist.


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