Mobile and Social Media Consumer Habits



Do you know what your customers’ expectations are today? What makes one person engage with one brand more than another? Are they using their mobile devices and social media and to what extent? SDL conducted a new survey that looked at exactly that – the mobile and social media habits of 4,000 consumers across the globe including the US, UK, Australia and Singapore.

Among the key findings:, 69 per cent expect a brand’s online store, mobile app and retail outlet to offer the same pricing, discounts and sales. Sixty-two per cent of respondents use a mobile device at a brand’s physical location to compare products and prices.

And, nearly one third of all respondents use a brand’s mobile app or website when looking to learn more about a brand from their mobile device.

These results confirm that consumers function seamlessly across channels when interacting with brands and, as part of their experience, there is an expectation of consistency and a fair-value exchange.

Another very relevant and interesting trend was found – the so-called “showrooming”. Seventy-seven per cent of all respondents visit a brand’s physical store to evaluate products knowing they will be buying online at another time. This trend brings a whole new world of possibilities for retailers today.

Want to know more? You can review the survey on ADMA Knowledge Lab and learn how you can incorporate mobile and social into your marketing strategy move ahead of the competition.

Read the report_3

If you want further help, you can consider enrolling in ADMA’s Social Media Marketing Essentials course … or attend ADMA Global Forum.

About SDL

SDL enables global businesses to enrich their customers’ experience through the entire customer journey.   SDL’s technology and services help brands to predict what their customers want and engage with them across multiple languages, cultures, channels and devices.

SDL has over 1,500 enterprise customers, 400 partners and a global infrastructure of 70 offices in 38 countries. Forty-two out of the top 50 brands work with SDL.  For more information, visit

Hana Mujadzic is a Marketing Manager at SDL, dealing with Campaign Management and Analytics data driven solutions, that enable marketers to understand their customers and engage them with relevant, timely communications delivered in the channels they prefer.


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