Poll Results: B2B KPIs

By Vlad andrianov, ADMA

B2B KPI for Acquisition

The ADMA B2B Expert Group has recently reviewed the results of its poll that went out to ADMA member organisations. Experts think the results offer a ‘good snap shot of the status quo’ in the B2B marketing space.

The group’s chair Jarther Taylor from Telstra says that marketing organisations still have work to do in becoming part of the core business systems.

“While 38% of respondents stated that their CRM and Email Marketing systems were integrated, 50% said they were not. The data points are reversed when it comes to tracking online behaviour (50% do, 38% don’t).”

“Better integration of marketing into business systems like CRM, ERP or Business Intelligence Business, will drive customer centricity across a company,’ Jarther adds.

Neil Jorgensen from Signet points out that half of the respondents specified a change of KPI every 6 months.

“With the goal posts moving this often it must create some planning challenges, particularly as B2B often has much longer decision cycles. In the B2B environment quality of leads can be extremely variable leading to a strong need for targeting.”

Kerim El Gabaili from Prografica Group thinks the survey yielded some interesting results, but was a bit predictable.

Some of the real debate and discussion would be if we had run this survey 2 years ago or if we run it again in 2 years and then compare trends,Kerim says.

Andrew Haussegger from Green Hat concludes: “KPIs are variable – changing every year or even every six months for 50% of the respondents. So how serious are businesses about marketing measurement?”

For a detailed report on the poll results and more insights from ADMA Experts, head to ADMA Knowledge Lab

Read the report_3


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