Poll Results: Marketers Focus on Acquisition

By Vlad andrianov, ADMA

Acquisition poll results_2

The ADMA Acquisition and Lead Generation Expert Group has just reviewed the results of its poll that went out to 15 leading Australian companies. The poll’s results shed some light on current industry trends, say group members. Continue reading


2013: The year of mobile RIO

By Kyle Lacy, Principal of Marketing Research & Education, ExactTarget

Courtesy of ExactTarget

Courtesy of ExactTarget

Communication is changing and changing rapidly. Consumers are awash in technology (desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets) that facilitates unprecedented mobility and social connectivity. And mobility is leading the charge. Continue reading

Four Core Metrics of Mobile Strategy

By adam corney, business lead, minimega


Whenever you’re planning or reviewing your mobile strategy, it’s often unclear which metrics are actually practical and which are just vanity.

Here are four core metrics that have proven themselves useful. Continue reading

Sex, Laughs and Super Bowl

Super Bowl

For marketers it’s not about the Baltimore Ravens or San Francisco 49ers, it’s all about the $133,333 a second for a half-minute of airtime and the buzz it creates. Welcome to the ad world’s Super Bowl. Continue reading

App and Down the Mobile Ladder


What are your key reasons for building a branded app? Are you trying to shift perception of your brand, increase loyalty, or introduce a new product line? Is it just because “everyone else has it” or because you need one to drive traffic to your site, boost your sales and brand awareness? Whatever your reasons are, here’s what you should know… Continue reading

Mobile killed the Video Star! Is Mobile Going to Grow and Kill Your Business?


mobiDdiction - blog pic

Courtesy of mobiDdiction

The holiday period is over, the weather wasn’t all that great and my wife and I thought let’s take it easy for this evening and catch up on a movie. So, what do we do? I reach for my Apple TV remote and we decide to rent a movie and watch it at home.

But prior to renting… Continue reading

Goodbye Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz’s Twitter Page, Courtesy of Twitter Inc.

Aaron Swartz’s Twitter Page, Courtesy of Twitter Inc.

A prodigal mind, brilliant programmer and open-data activist – Aaron Swartz is sadly not around anymore.

He was found dead on Friday, January 11, in his New York apartment. Apparently he has taken his own life at the age of 26, just months before his trial over computer fraud was set to begin.

Just who was Aaron? Continue reading

Marketing Resolutions to Keep in 2013


Resolutions – it’s so easy to make them. But keeping them is a whole different story. However, as the world around us is changing so quickly, maybe it’s a good idea to change with it, keep the promises and deliver against tough targets. Here’s how to stay in the marketing game this year. Continue reading

Smart as a TV


It was your Christmas present to yourself; you are buying it this year; or waiting on the next best thing – slick and slim, Smart TVs are invading our living rooms. But this time they might be watching us. Continue reading

The Future In 3D

By Rachel Walters, ADMA

The concept plane by Airbus to be made with a 3D printer in 2050, © Airbus S.A.S 2011

The concept plane by Airbus to be made with a 3D printer in 2050, © Airbus S.A.S 2011

“The future will happen with or without us, whether or not we decide to participate… if your next project is not aligned with the problems, needs, and desires of the future – the future will kill it!” – Thomas Frey, “Dean of Futurists” and Google’s top-rated futurist speaker.

Quotes like this from renowned futurists make “future-proofing” sound like a terrifying necessity. The concept of “future-proofing” evokes images of battening down the hatches to protect ourselves from the inevitable onslaught of chaos and change that technology will bring. But this is missing Frey’s point. Continue reading