Young and Digital

Courtesy of Summly

Last week was truly spectacular for ADMA.

First, a very successful Fusion 2012 event that was all about data, creativity and innovation. Greg Nugent, Director of Marketing, Brand & Culture at London Olympics 2012, was just one of the high-profile presenters to share their insights last Thursday.

And then ADMA Awards, of course, with its glitz and glamour, nominee marketers and advertisers suited up and winners celebrating well into the morning. Here’s the list of all ADMA Awards winners. Continue reading


Campaign Spotlight: Redefining your Brands’ Perception


One of the recent ADMA Award winners that received a lot of attention was the Guide Dogs campaign; a well-regarded and trusted charity, the Guide Dogs association has for years been regarded as a somewhat fluffy, which had led to its detriment … When people think of Guide Dogs, they think nice thoughts about cute Labradors. But as more and more charities fight it out for our hearts and our wallets, the Guide Dogs had clearly fallen off people’s radar. It was clear that cute just wasn’t cutting it any longer.

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Awards Winners Announced at Gala Event

by ADMA.

This year we have seen exceptional talent and it has been a difficult job in judging not only the Awards for Excellence but also the individual campaign work. With the most number of nominations received in the history of Awards, the benchmark for winning has been set higher than ever, with marketers and advertisers cleverly engaging and embracing a truly integrated multi-channel approach.  It is exciting to see such a range of world class work and talent coming out of Australia. Continue reading