Marketing Resolutions to Keep in 2013


Resolutions – it’s so easy to make them. But keeping them is a whole different story. However, as the world around us is changing so quickly, maybe it’s a good idea to change with it, keep the promises and deliver against tough targets. Here’s how to stay in the marketing game this year. Continue reading


Young and Digital

Courtesy of Summly

Last week was truly spectacular for ADMA.

First, a very successful Fusion 2012 event that was all about data, creativity and innovation. Greg Nugent, Director of Marketing, Brand & Culture at London Olympics 2012, was just one of the high-profile presenters to share their insights last Thursday.

And then ADMA Awards, of course, with its glitz and glamour, nominee marketers and advertisers suited up and winners celebrating well into the morning. Here’s the list of all ADMA Awards winners. Continue reading

Reshuffle and repeat … Not!

“Much of the content on the Internet is unoriginal and devoid of critical thought.” That’s according to Movéo Integrated Branding, a full-service business-to-business brand communications firm from Illinois.

Brian Davis, the company’s Managing Partner, says that what he sees on the web today reminds him of that video he saw a couple of years ago: “I’ll repeat exactly what you told me and shuffle the words around a bit.”

Movéo have recently come up with a new whitepaper where they’ve formulated the Content Marketing Laws, outlining the ways to combat empty words and ideas.

So let us now reshuffle, repackage and repost a few of them: Continue reading

“To Be or Not To Be”…Premium

By Richard Wheeler, Manager, Client Communications Planning, MediaCom

There has been a lot of speculation about the arrival of demand side platforms into the market and their likely effect on existing publishers. Unsurprisingly, their arrival wasn’t welcomed by the premium publishers who worried that a ‘race to the bottom’ would ensue. And with supply far outstripping demand for standard display inventory their concerns are justified. However, with DSPs gradually establishing themselves in the marketplace how are these premium publishers likely to fare?

The DSPs

Much has been promised by the DSPs; super-efficient automated buying using data to buy specific audiences and deliver outstanding results. As often happens with technology, the DSPs have not Continue reading

Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose: The Surprising Truth about What Motivates your Customer

Dan Pink, the author of the number New York Times Best Seller, Drive recently spoke at TED revealing surprising truths about what motivates us. I found the presentation so unbelievably interesting and his thoughts so easily applicable to marketing, that it would be perfect for you to get some insights on how to better understand your customers, with a new twist. But it can also be applicable on how to get the most out of your marketing department.


Dan discusses the fact that our customers are not as endlessly manipulated or predictable as we think. He examined a study which was undertaken with students at MIT in the US.  It was all about how to incentivise their performance. They provided them with three levels of rewards. Many of you will say that this is a typical motivation scheme within organisations, however there were two interesting findings.

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Interview: Crowdsourced Creativity for the Uninspired Marketer

Interview with David Alberts, Chief Creative Officer, MOFILM (uk)

Crowdsourcing has been an incredibly popular topic last year and will inevitably be a hotter topic this year as even more brands and agencies jump on the band wagon. This morning ADMA spoke to the Chief Creative Officer, David Alberts at MOFILM (UK), who are the curators of what is known as ‘crowdsourced creativity’, on the topic of crowdsourcing and his thoughts on the future. MOFILM – which is effectively the world’s largest creative department – is giving traditional ABL advertising and the creative industry a run for their money by supplying an endless source of fresh inspiring films and advertisements; all developed by the very people that brands view as their customer.  In fewer than three years, MOFILM has crowdsourced a community of more than 35,000 creative prosumers (producer-consumer) to produce 8,000+ advertisements and films for the world’s leading organisations.

David joined the MOFILM team after previously working for the full service agency, Grey London, where he found himself recommending TV and big budget advertising in which he thought if the roles were reversed i.e. he was the client, it wasn’t the thing he would invest in. In a world of new media, and with a record number of prosumers with access to digital cameras etc, there are fewer roadblocks for people to crack into the industry. “The the way the world is now, it used to be the cost of cameras etc. that used to be the barrier for people coming into industry, now it’s a different world” said Alberts. Now working at Mofilm, Alberts has access to over 35,000 film makers on the books; the result being that brands can get totally fresh, cheaper and innovative ideas by leveraging the power of these creative crowds.

When I asked Alberts if he thought crowdsourcing was the way of the future for marketing and advertising, he responded by reciting what Paul Edwards, Strategic Director at General Motors said when asked the same question at Cannes last year: ‘At the moment it works very well with my agencies, but who knows in the future.”

One interesting but obvious fact Alberts made was that there’s ‘currently a huge demand for content, and not enough supply’. So what does the future hold? There’s no doubt that crowdsourced content is in its element; it’s a wonderful way to source creativity outside the confines of the marketing and advertising industry’s walls. The counter argument is that it’s a good excuse for brands and agencies to use when they can’t come up with the creative thinking themselves. Not to mention it comes at a fraction of what’s normally paid for creative work.

Is crowdsourcing here to stay? Or will it die out as consumers feel the work and lack of return? Would love to hear your thoughts!

David is the Chief Creative Officer at MOFILM.

MOFILM work for top-tier brands, such as Coca Cola, Samsung and Chevrolet…

Watch out for a full interview with David through the ADMA Dialogue, this March.

BMF Wins at the US ECHO Awards 2011

by Tim Wood

As BMF celebrate their Echo Awards, we look at each of their winning campaigns to see how they won the judges over in Boston this year.

At the recent US Direct Marketing Association Awards, BMF was the highest awarded Australian Agency. Their Weight Watchers ‘Approved by Life’ campaign picked up Silver, and BMF’s own ‘Wow Sit Down Thing’ picked up Bronze.  They also won three Leader awards for Lambassador, The Smith Family ‘Ground Zero’ and The Commonwealth Bank ‘Cricket Grants’. Tim Wood tells us how they did it.

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Viva Las Vegas – last chance to win ADMA prize

Want to win a trip to Las Vegas? If so, you have until 5pm today to enter the Young Direct Marketer of the Year Award.

Every year ADMA recognises the best young talent in the multi-channel marketing industry through the Young Direct Marketer of the Year Award. This year we are upping the stakes by giving our winner the trip of a lifetime to Las Vegas with a ticket to the DMA conference and exhibition, a VIP pass to the International ECHO Awards and a tailored program to meet with the biggest names in multi-channel marketing from around the globe.

So what does it take to be a Young Direct Marketer of the Year?

Well – if you are 30 years old or younger you can enter…providing you can demonstrate outstanding talent in the field of multi-channel marketing.

The award judges will be looking for young direct marketers who have shown excellence and inventiveness in the development and execution of multi-channel campaigns.

Potential entrants can be working as a client-side marketer, for an agency, or on the supply side of operations, in a data house or at a production company where multi-channel direct marketing is applied.

Marketers can either nominate themselves or a colleague. The winner will be announced at the ADMA Awards Gala being held at Sydney’s Hilton Hotel on Thursday 24th  November 2011.

For more information, or to enter, click here.

If you think it’s difficult to win an ADMA Award, it’s even harder to win at Cannes

The Cannes Lions are the biggest show in the industry and hardest advertising award to win. Matt Batten, Creative Director of Wunderman, and the only Australian Judge at the Cannes Direct Lions Awards, has shared his insights on what it takes to clean up at Cannes.

With 29,000 entries this year, Cannes attracted 1,857 entries in the direct category. This represented a 29% increase on the amount of submissions received in 2010. Australia accounted for 7% of all entries received which is not too bad considering the UK accounts for 4% and US 8% of entries.

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How to win at Cannes (and other seemingly impossible tasks)


Matt Batten, Cannes Lions Awards Judge

The Cannes Lions are the hardest advertising award to win. Fact.

Comparing the data from 2009, 2010 and 2011, shows that you have a flat out 10% chance of being shortlisted from among the almost 2000 entries. This is no coincidence. The judging system is such that the top 10% as scored by the jury members will always be the definitive shortlist for that year.

Of all entries (the number of which grows year-on-year and was up 28% this year), you have a 4% chance of being awarded a coveted Lions trophy. In essence, you would have to submit 25 great pieces of work in order to get just one trophy.

Which trophy? Well, if you make it past the shortlist, there is a 40% chance of being awarded Bronze, 28% chance of being Silver, and just 22% of being Gold.

But extracted back out over the entire entry pool, that means your campaign over which you’ve bled, sweated and cried, has an average 1.92% chance of getting a Bronze Lion. There’s a 1.13% chance of taking home a Silver Lion. And just 0.9% of all entries will get their creators dancing in the Gutter Bar with a Gold Lion in hand.

Hear from the only Australian Juror for the 2011 Cannes Direct Lions as he provides an insider’s point of view on what it takes to win at Cannes.

This one-night-only event gives you exclusive access to everything you need to know to prepare yourself to win a Cannes Lion next year.

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Tuesday, 11 October 2011, 6pm

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Article supplied by Matt Batten, Creative Director, Wunderman.

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