CEO Thought of the Month: Removing the Boundaries of Data Integration

By Jodie Sangster, CEO, ADMA

While the explosion of data has left many marketers grappling with the data integration issues – including how to make sense of the vast information now available through digital channels –  Google will today bring into effect its plan to link user data across its email, video and social-networking sites. This move enables Google to integrated data across 60 Google products including Gmail, YouTube and web search.

The concept of integrating data across an organisation is a panacea for marketers trying to gain the all-important single customer view. This is certainly not as simple as it sounds and was identified in the IBM CMO study as one of the key issues concerning CMO’s worldwide.  In addition to the immediate challenges that arise through any integration strategy,  it is clear from media surrounding Google’s move that it can raise privacy issues that many had not previous contemplated.

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