New Do Not Call Legislation Proposal Has Serious Hang Ups


It’s ironic. The call centre company that operates the Do Not Call Register in Australia has just been fined $110,000 by the Australian Communications and Media Authority for…you guessed it…breaching the Do Not Call Register Act. Continue reading


Customer Satisfaction – Important Points to Remember

By Mina Karpouzas.

Anyone managing a contact centre would agree that it’s not all about call centre metrics that make a contact centre function.

Contact centres of yester years were designed to be transactional and only designed to handle call after call.  Service level was the only real target to measuring efficiency and satisfaction. Now a days contact centres are more advanced.  There are more targets coupled with the variety of tools and systems at our disposal.  This makes contact centres of today somewhat of a challenge.

One important target which is at the forefront is the voice of the customer, better known as customer satisfaction.

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Emerging Trends in Contact Centres

With even higher customer service deliverables, the adoption of digital and social communications and engagement of multi-channel marketing, the impact on traditional contact centres is forcing a new service offering for most. ADMA speaks with leaders from the ADMA Contact Centre Executive Committee to discuss emerging trends.  Continue reading

Best Practice Guidelines

ADMA’s series of best practice guidelines have been developed to help members achieve better results through more enlightened use of direct marketing. The guidelines go beyond members’ legal requirements and provide information on responsible direct marketing practices and benchmarks.

The guidelines are designed to address common issues that may occur, advise what is best practice and provide guidance to help avoid mistakes.

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