Data Science is the new ‘Rocket Science’

By Vlad andrianov, ADMAData Scientist

It took a few satellite launches to coin a phrase ‘it’s not rocket science’ and we’ve been using it for decades to describe something that was not that hard to do. Because compared to it everything else seemed to be ‘piece of cake’. Rocket Science was that golden standard – you needed nothing less than a genius to tackle it.

But maybe the time has come to give the phrase a new spin, as Data Science comes into play. Neolane, the provider of conversational marketing technology, predicts companies will employ more data scientists in the next few years, as big data continues altering the approach to data analysis and business in general. Continue reading


Australians ‘Hopping’ for a Simpler Easter in 2013


Ah Easter! Hot cross buns, eggs, bunnies, bilbies … apps and sales. Are they now synonymous? Here’s our look at what people will be doing for Easter around the world. Continue reading

Craic-y! We all love St Patrick’s Day



The year’s biggest Irish holiday falls on a Sunday, but that won’t deter millions of people around the globe from wearing green, quaffing Guinness at an Irish pub or eating corned beef and cabbage.

St Patrick’s Day may be a non-gift giving holiday, but the Guinness will flow (at least 13 million pints worldwide!) and consumers will happily spend their money on green drinks, Kiss Me I’m Irish pins, funny top hats, shamrock stickers and cards amongst other things.

How will you celebrate? Continue reading

The Future In 3D

By Rachel Walters, ADMA

The concept plane by Airbus to be made with a 3D printer in 2050, © Airbus S.A.S 2011

The concept plane by Airbus to be made with a 3D printer in 2050, © Airbus S.A.S 2011

“The future will happen with or without us, whether or not we decide to participate… if your next project is not aligned with the problems, needs, and desires of the future – the future will kill it!” – Thomas Frey, “Dean of Futurists” and Google’s top-rated futurist speaker.

Quotes like this from renowned futurists make “future-proofing” sound like a terrifying necessity. The concept of “future-proofing” evokes images of battening down the hatches to protect ourselves from the inevitable onslaught of chaos and change that technology will bring. But this is missing Frey’s point. Continue reading


Is all that bubble wrap recyclable?  ‘Cause we are getting a lot of it this season.

Looks like ideas are. Here are the key takeaways from Click Frenzy’s big and successful overseas brother Cyber Monday: Continue reading

Young Creatives graduate with distinction

This year’s class of bright young creative stars from DM Creative School were recognised at a graduation party last week. The 14 aspiring Creatives came from a wide variety of backgrounds, some working in agencies or on the client-side hoping to get into the agency world, some fresh out of university, and one even studying for his HSC at the same time!

2011 Creative School students and Wunderman National Creative Director, Matt Batten celebrating their hard work and great achievements on Graduation Night held at Wunderman.

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Integration – critical to our digital future


Earlier this year, ADMA invited the leading minds in digital marketing to attend a Digital Round Table to discuss the latest challenges and developments facing the Australian digital marketing community. Attendees included twenty senior executives from Australia’s leading brands, organizations and digital marketing agencies.

Of the numerous hotly debated issues, one reoccurring theme was the growing urgency for digital integration and analytics. However, although ability to pull together data from online and offline sources in order to optimize conversations with the customer was seen as a critical requirement in the digital world, it was also recognised that it continued to present a significant challenge to todays’ marketers.

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10 Digital Marketing Trends to watch out for in 2012

By Catherine Fee

As we near the end of 2011 we reflect on the year that passed and the marketing opportunities and challenges to come in the year ahead. 2011 has seen a lot of new technologies and marketing platforms emerge, while 2012 seems set to focus on streamlining these new marketing processes as marketers become more savvy and sophisticated with the now not so new capabilities. We ask some of our Digital Day speakers to share their predictions and focus for the year ahead.

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Viva Las Vegas – last chance to win ADMA prize

Want to win a trip to Las Vegas? If so, you have until 5pm today to enter the Young Direct Marketer of the Year Award.

Every year ADMA recognises the best young talent in the multi-channel marketing industry through the Young Direct Marketer of the Year Award. This year we are upping the stakes by giving our winner the trip of a lifetime to Las Vegas with a ticket to the DMA conference and exhibition, a VIP pass to the International ECHO Awards and a tailored program to meet with the biggest names in multi-channel marketing from around the globe.

So what does it take to be a Young Direct Marketer of the Year?

Well – if you are 30 years old or younger you can enter…providing you can demonstrate outstanding talent in the field of multi-channel marketing.

The award judges will be looking for young direct marketers who have shown excellence and inventiveness in the development and execution of multi-channel campaigns.

Potential entrants can be working as a client-side marketer, for an agency, or on the supply side of operations, in a data house or at a production company where multi-channel direct marketing is applied.

Marketers can either nominate themselves or a colleague. The winner will be announced at the ADMA Awards Gala being held at Sydney’s Hilton Hotel on Thursday 24th  November 2011.

For more information, or to enter, click here.