Direct-Mail Inspiration: James Ready Beer Blank Cap Recall Campaign

By Australia Post  Business Lounge Editorial Team

Customers were disappointed when James Ready beer left off the quirky cap messages for which the Canadian brand had become renowned. Here’s how agency Leo Burnett turned the mistake into an award-winning campaign.

The challenge

James Ready includes messages under its caps to amuse customers. In June 2010, more than a million bottles of James Ready beer were sent out with blank caps. Within days, the company started receiving letters, emails and even videos from confused customers. Agency Leo Burnett was asked to create a campaign that would explain and apologise for the mistake to customers. Continue reading


Direct Mail Helps Save Children’s Lives


An estimated 26.000 children worldwide under the age of five die every day from preventable causes such as pneumonia, diarrhoea and malaria. For UNICEF, an effective marketing campaign is one that is grounded in an understanding of their target audiences, overseas development issues and the impact this has on children.

Stephanie Phillips, Direct Marketing Manager – Retention at UNICEF Australia says “It is vital for us to communicate that each individual have the power to bring about better lives for children in war torn countries”. For most non for profit organisations and in particular UNICEF, mail is the preferred communication channel. “We use direct mail as it comes across as being real, authentic and personal,” she says.

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A Veteran Marketers’ View on the State of Play of Direct Mail in the U.S.


Pegg Nadler, U.S. Direct Marketer of the Year (2009) and Founder of Pegg Nadler Associates knows the ins and outs of mail marketing. With a career spanning three decades in the direct marketing environment in the U.S., she may very well have a few tricks up her sleeve to share with her fellow Australian marketers. “We now look at mail as a mature channel, but mature doesn’t mean dead,” Nadler points out.

Despite its old age, mail is still alive and kicking. She says “mail is predicted to spike in the US this year” and that “the situation will continue because the channel stills works”. In this day and age, this traditional communication tool is more effective when used in combination with supporting channels such as email, web, mobile and print. “Mail doesn’t work as a stand-alone medium anymore,” she notes.

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Discovering How a Piece of Mail Changed 7 Lives


Direct mail has taken a hit in recent years and as a result there has been a significant decline in the use of this traditional communication channel. Even though there has been a gold rush of dollars invested into emerging digital channels, direct mail still has an important role to play in the marketing mix.

If you take a quick glance at the marketing landscape, it looks as if digital has replaced traditional channels, but look below the surface and mail is still widely used by modern marketers.  Despite its old age, mail continues to innovate and adapt. Particularly with the advent of Personalised URLs (PURLs) – mail still has got a lot to offer.

 “If you use PURLs as an online component, your mail piece should be more engaging and interactive, meaning people won’t dismiss it so quickly. The key is to get people’s attention and engaged with your product, once you’ve figured out how to do that, everything else falls into place,” explains Dylan Taylor, Managing Partner of BMF Advertising.

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