Loyalty Programs in Australia – It’s Time to Improve


Loyalty Programs paper_28May13

Just because you have a loyalty program doesn’t mean it’s working. According to the recent Australian research report – For Love or Money? 2013 Consumer Study into Australian Loyalty Programs, only 41% of consumers feel that loyalty programs have improved in recent years and offer good benefits to members. Continue reading


Ones and Zeros Marketing

Zeros and Ones

With technology moving so fast it’s hard to predict whether we will still be calling digital marketing digital even one year from now, or whether we’ll drop the tag altogether, as everything seems to be digital these days.

Whatever it’s going to be, ones and zeros will continue to help us drive sales and be creative while doing it. Here are a few ideas about where we are headed. Continue reading

Sex, Laughs and Super Bowl

Super Bowl

For marketers it’s not about the Baltimore Ravens or San Francisco 49ers, it’s all about the $133,333 a second for a half-minute of airtime and the buzz it creates. Welcome to the ad world’s Super Bowl. Continue reading

App and Down the Mobile Ladder


What are your key reasons for building a branded app? Are you trying to shift perception of your brand, increase loyalty, or introduce a new product line? Is it just because “everyone else has it” or because you need one to drive traffic to your site, boost your sales and brand awareness? Whatever your reasons are, here’s what you should know… Continue reading

Marketing Resolutions to Keep in 2013


Resolutions – it’s so easy to make them. But keeping them is a whole different story. However, as the world around us is changing so quickly, maybe it’s a good idea to change with it, keep the promises and deliver against tough targets. Here’s how to stay in the marketing game this year. Continue reading


Is all that bubble wrap recyclable?  ‘Cause we are getting a lot of it this season.

Looks like ideas are. Here are the key takeaways from Click Frenzy’s big and successful overseas brother Cyber Monday: Continue reading

Likes, loves and loyalty

Image: Courtesy of TIBCO

We really enjoyed TIBCO Loyalty Lab’s recent presentation at ADMA’s Lunch and Learn. Brett Hannath, the Lab’s Director of Marketing, was talking about monetising on brand engagement through social interactions.

Here are a few takeaways from their most recent whitepaper called Success with Social Loyalty. Continue reading

Digital Storm

Screen grab of a video by NASA

As a 1,500-kilometer-wide storm hurricane Sandy was ravaging the East Coast of the United States, despite power outages, the digital world saw yet another storm of messaging, comms, mobile app traffic and big data. Here are a few quick facts: Continue reading

Putting cross-channel marketing at the top of the agenda

By Simon O’Day, Vice President of Responsys Asia Pacific

Australians are more digitally connected and active online than ever before. Not only do consumers now spend more time using the internet, they are doing so across a variety of channels and on a number of different devices. This highly engaged consumer is good news for Australian marketers, presenting a number of opportunities, across a range of platforms, to reach their target audience.

With this in mind, I was somewhat surprised by the results of our recent survey* conducted at ad:tech Sydney and Melbourne. We found that while the majority of Australian marketers (89%) are now interacting with customers across more digital channels, they are doing so with minimal personalisation and automation – the corner stone of any successful campaign.

Continue reading