Expertise This: ADMA Experts’ Get-Together


ADMA Expert Group Meeting at Westpac, 17 April 2013

What are ADMA Experts Groups and why should the marketing community care about their findings? Maybe because they are Australia’s brightest minds and maybe because one day you’ll be one of them. Continue reading


Craic-y! We all love St Patrick’s Day



The year’s biggest Irish holiday falls on a Sunday, but that won’t deter millions of people around the globe from wearing green, quaffing Guinness at an Irish pub or eating corned beef and cabbage.

St Patrick’s Day may be a non-gift giving holiday, but the Guinness will flow (at least 13 million pints worldwide!) and consumers will happily spend their money on green drinks, Kiss Me I’m Irish pins, funny top hats, shamrock stickers and cards amongst other things.

How will you celebrate? Continue reading

“In Space No One Can Hear You Scream” … or text


Andriod is now officially the world’s quickest smartphone operating system. An Android-powered phone was blasted off into space on Monday at the speed of nearly 160 km/h. Known as “phonesat”, the device is the first off-the-shelf smartphone to be sent out of the earth’s atmosphere. Continue reading

Parental Guidance: Is There an App for That?

Parents and child_2

They don’t want you to control them online and offline; they get anxious when you say “no” to extra Internet time and they might run up impressive bills while playing games on your tablet or smartphone. It’s your children vs. technology. Continue reading

Smart as a TV


It was your Christmas present to yourself; you are buying it this year; or waiting on the next best thing – slick and slim, Smart TVs are invading our living rooms. But this time they might be watching us. Continue reading

Driving a Search Engine

Search Engine

Good time to talk about algorithms. According to Google Doodles it would have been the 197th birthday of Ada Lovelace on Monday, the god-mother of computer programming.

Back in 1843 she translated an article on the engine and supplemented it with her own notes considered to be the first algorithm for a machine.

Engines, machines – makes you think about cars, doesn’t it?

What if choosing the right search tool would have been like picking a car? Here’s what you should have asked your dealer: Continue reading