Marketer’s Guide to Mobile Privacy



Remember that line from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – “Don’t Panic”? Well panic often results from a lack of information and ADMA is trying to make sure its members are in the know about what’s happening in the ‘marketing galaxy’ before it has actually happened. We sat down with ADMA’s Head of Policy & Regulatory Affairs, David Simon, to talk about the Government’s consultation draft of the Mobile privacy – better practice guide for mobile app developers (the “Mobile Privacy Guide”). Continue reading


New Do Not Call Legislation Proposal Has Serious Hang Ups


It’s ironic. The call centre company that operates the Do Not Call Register in Australia has just been fined $110,000 by the Australian Communications and Media Authority for…you guessed it…breaching the Do Not Call Register Act. Continue reading

Thou shalt not track?

Obviously big news today is the US presidential debate. Tight race, Obama losing, Obama slightly ahead in Colorado, Mitt Romney is offered by Bill Clinton to plug the “USB charger into the back of his neck” prior to debate. But how does that concern us Down Under?

Well, according to Forbes and the New York Times both Obama’s and Romney’s campaigns have been using cookies and various data-mining techniques on an unprecedented scale to determine which voters to target. That means the rival parties have been collecting personal intel with access to details beginning with financial data, homes in foreclosure and ending with beer preferences, gay friends and even pornography website visits. Continue reading

Facebook User Posts Now Regulated

David Simon, Head of Public Policy & Corporate Affairs, ADMA

Few regulatory compliance issues have caused as much of a media storm as the news last week that the Advertising Standards Board (ASB) is of the view that a Facebook site of an advertiser is advertising and marketing communication.

What that means in practical terms is that the content of a site needs to comply with the rules for advertising, as contained in the AANA Code of Ethics.

Fair enough, some might think.  If a company sets up a Facebook page to promote a brand to the public, it seems common-sense that it’s a marketing message.  But is it really that simple to apply the usual rules to all the content on a Facebook page?  The Advertising Standards Board thinks so.  And they’re not the only ones. Continue reading

Australia to lead the charge on the Privacy Debate


In a connected world more and more digital data will created, stored and shared. Consumers are already sharing incredible amounts about themselves through email, on social networking sites, and the list is growing. Sharing has become a daily routine in the online world. While new technologies and platforms constantly emerge; consumers are quickly accepting and adjusting faster than ever to these new forms of expression online. Individuals are becoming more open about what they share and with whom; something that wouldn’t have happened before the era of social networking. Social networking sites in turn are evolving to be more than just an enjoying pastime – they are becoming tools for people to express and shape their own identity. And it’s this identity that marketers use to market to them. An identity that defines who they are, and what their interests’ and dreams are. In the light of these new habits of sharing, the Australian Government has proposed a new privacy law to overcome the issues surrounding identifying people online. But what does this mean for marketers in the future? Continue reading

ADMA in Canberra to Discuss Privacy Concerns


ADMA CEO, Jodie Sangster, met with officials from the Attorney General’s Department last week to discuss concerns with the proposed new privacy laws.

The meeting was set up after the Government introduced the new proposed privacy law in parliament last week. ADMA raised concern that last minute changes had been made to the law, which have significant implications for direct and digital marketers and the broader advertising community.

The major issues raised by ADMA during the meeting were: Continue reading

Europe Update: Cookie Opt In Rules Start 26 May


Does your website reside in Europe or is it likely to collect European’s or United Kingdom’s residents or citizen’s data? Well if it does then you probably already know that new cookie laws are coming into effect on 26 May 2012.

The UK DMA’s Mobile Marketing Council has published Continue reading

Privacy: The Critical Global Issue for Marketers

Privacy is one of the most critical issues for marketers and advertisers worldwide.

In mid-April, ADMA chaired a meeting of twenty worldwide DMA’s in London to discuss critical issues affecting the future of marketing and advertising. At the top of the agenda for almost every country was the issue of privacy and the concern about how it will affect the future of marketing and advertising. (Click here to hear international viewpoints).

Data increasingly sits at the heart of marketing and advertising. Decisions on how to reach customers, engage interest and provide better service are all reliant on using data. This has long been the mantra of marketers but is now extending to all forms of advertising… and in fact business in general.

However, as corporations get ever-smarter in using data to deliver on customer needs and expectations, the progress is being countered by the threat of ever increasing restrictions imposed by ill-considered privacy proposals. Continue reading