How integrated is your search and social marketing?


To provide ADMA members with the most relevant thinking in the ever-changing marketing landscape, ADMA has combined their Social and Search Expert Groups into one combined group.

To help us kick off the ADMA Search and Social Expert Group, please consider investing seven seconds of your time to answer our one question poll: how integrated is your search and social marketing?

So…wondering why you should integrate your search and social marketing efforts?  Here’s a few reasons why.

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Driving a Search Engine

Search Engine

Good time to talk about algorithms. According to Google Doodles it would have been the 197th birthday of Ada Lovelace on Monday, the god-mother of computer programming.

Back in 1843 she translated an article on the engine and supplemented it with her own notes considered to be the first algorithm for a machine.

Engines, machines – makes you think about cars, doesn’t it?

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The Future In 3D

By Rachel Walters, ADMA

The concept plane by Airbus to be made with a 3D printer in 2050, © Airbus S.A.S 2011

The concept plane by Airbus to be made with a 3D printer in 2050, © Airbus S.A.S 2011

“The future will happen with or without us, whether or not we decide to participate… if your next project is not aligned with the problems, needs, and desires of the future – the future will kill it!” – Thomas Frey, “Dean of Futurists” and Google’s top-rated futurist speaker.

Quotes like this from renowned futurists make “future-proofing” sound like a terrifying necessity. The concept of “future-proofing” evokes images of battening down the hatches to protect ourselves from the inevitable onslaught of chaos and change that technology will bring. But this is missing Frey’s point. Continue reading

Why B2B Marketers Should Invest in Organic Traffic for SEO

by Michela Ziady, g2m Solutions

Announced by Google in August this year, a record hit of 3 billion searches are being made per day – a notable increase since 2011 where figures were just above 1.5 billion. So what’s important about this?

Well, other than the growth in traffic equating to an increase in potential leadsmore online conversation and buzz, and more traffic to your particular site, there’s a marked correlation between organic content and SEO. Thought you knew that already? Let’s take a look at the figures, and other insights provided by Rand Fishkin, (CEO SEOmoz) and Dharmesh Shah (CTO, HubSpot) in their webinar on The State of SEO and Internet Marketinginbound marketing vs paid advertising

Inbound marketing trumps paid ads

Of all clicks made on any given SERP, 75% of these clicks go to organic results and not paid ads. Ouch if you just bid for a fairly pricey ad. But, for many B2B inbound marketers, this validates an exciting truth: inbound drives the vast majority of traffic on the web. SEO is steamrolling paid search. And content drives SEO. This means that any inbound marketer needs to be Continue reading

How to Create a Killer Authority Outreach Map

By Simon Penson, MD, Zazzle Media and guest blogger, Econsultancy.

Google’s eponymous Panda update and recent Search + Your World integration has changed the landscape as far as reward for quality content is concerned.

Out of it is growing a new industry based around intelligent content marketing and authority outreach.

In my first post for Econsultancy I want to explore this area in more detail and give some insight into how best to approach the task of discovering, and then reaching out to, the right people to maximise return on your time invested.

Ever since reading Mike Kings’ five principles to better outreach link building early on in 2011 I’ve been experimenting with how data led outreach can help the process of reaching out to website owners and bloggers to increase the conversion, and therefore the effectiveness of my time spent on outreach.

With a lot of testing and experimenting we’ve managed to hugely improve our hit rate, which is good for us but, most importantly, for those that benefit from our services and the right kind of links or visibility that this kind of approach attracts (now more important than ever before in a Post Panda world).

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10 Must-Haves for your Marketing Plan

By Nina Hendy 

As the list of ways to promote your business grows, working out the most effective way to spruik your business can be half the battle. That’s why it’s vital that small-and medium-sized businesses put a solid marketing strategy in place and make sure they don’t deviate from the plan.

Here are 10 things your plan must do.

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Online Astroturfing: Deceitful Competition for Consumers’ Attention

By Darren Sharp, Senior Consultant, Resonate Solutions

Online astroturfing is the practice of creating fake reviews of products and services for the purpose of building seemingly “grassroots” support for a brand. Competition for consumers’ attention across the wide spectrum of media channels has led some marketers to employ deceitful conduct to give their clients products a positive spin in review sites, Twitter, blogs and other forms of social media.

Word-of-mouth marketing has become such a powerful force that some marketers are willing to go to any means necessary to get an edge over the competition. Yet astroturfing and similar practices are dishonest, unethical and can expose companies to significant consumer backlash, reputational damage and even litigation.

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Interview: Measuring the Success and Improving the Performance of any Campaign through Media Attribution

Interview with Adam Goldberg,
Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder, Clearsaleing

When media attribution company, Clearsaleing’s Co-Founder came out to Australia last year we asked him his thought on ROI measurement, his stint at Google HQ and how you can make a better impact to your search marketing….

1.  What are new imperatives for online marketing, particularly within attribution and ROI measurement?
New imperatives in terms of attribution and ROI measurement are to work towards capturing the impact offline advertising has online and vice-versa.  In order to do this the world of online tracking and measurement are meeting the worlds of media mix modelling and statistics, specifically Bayesian Statistics and regression models.  As Google and companies invest more into TV, print, and radio the market has more access to data to tie audiences together to understand how someone watching TV may be influenced to go online for example.

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