How integrated is your search and social marketing?


To provide ADMA members with the most relevant thinking in the ever-changing marketing landscape, ADMA has combined their Social and Search Expert Groups into one combined group.

To help us kick off the ADMA Search and Social Expert Group, please consider investing seven seconds of your time to answer our one question poll: how integrated is your search and social marketing?

So…wondering why you should integrate your search and social marketing efforts?  Here’s a few reasons why.

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Online Communities for B2B Lead Generation: A Guide for B2B Marketers

BY Sarah Pern, Digital Marketing Consultant, G2M SOLUTIONS

Online Communities

With an increasing amount of time being spent online in communities and the subsequent uptake of community building activities in the B2B world, now is the time to get your foot in the door before your competitors obliterate you online and secure all your prospects.

B2B marketers need to know the following to generate leads from building online communities.

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Ones and Zeros Marketing

Zeros and Ones

With technology moving so fast it’s hard to predict whether we will still be calling digital marketing digital even one year from now, or whether we’ll drop the tag altogether, as everything seems to be digital these days.

Whatever it’s going to be, ones and zeros will continue to help us drive sales and be creative while doing it. Here are a few ideas about where we are headed. Continue reading

Social Media Pulls a Disappearing Act

Magic_adma blog pic

No, this not about the decaying web and the disappearance of your tweets. Although it’s true, according to a study about 27% of online content referenced by social media in the last two years had been lost. It’s about the disappearance of social media as we know it. Continue reading

Marketing Resolutions to Keep in 2013


Resolutions – it’s so easy to make them. But keeping them is a whole different story. However, as the world around us is changing so quickly, maybe it’s a good idea to change with it, keep the promises and deliver against tough targets. Here’s how to stay in the marketing game this year. Continue reading

39 kilometres of social media coverage

A snapshot of a YouTube video by Red Bull Stratos.


Felix Baumgartner fell to Earth from stratosphere on Sunday, travelling faster than the speed of sound without the assistance of a craft.

It was a giant leap for a man, as well as for the YouTubing, Facebooking and Twittering mankind.

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That all Important ‘Like’


Social media channels, particularly Facebook, offer unrivalled opportunities to reach customers with branded content in the form of paid, earned media impressions. According to Facebook, there are currently:


  • 425 million mobile users
  • 2 billion posts liked and commented on
  • 500 million users logging in
  • 250 million photos are uploaded

All in a single day. So how are we as marketers taking advantage of social by design?

Paid, Earned and Owned
Facebook provides a unique marketing channel that enables Paid, Earned and Owned Media to be leveraged to create a myriad of brand impact.

Owned: Brands use Search and other paid media to attract Fans to the organisations Facebook page. The question I ask is: How many of your customers are fans of your brand on Facebook? You should connect with the people who will want to engage with your brand; your customers.

Earned: You may ask once you engage a potential customer, why would you attract them to your Facebook page over your website? Simple. Facebook provides a platform for marketing communications that reaches fans, followers and friends of fans and followers far outreaching of any potential an organisation could make through their website.  Once you gain a follower, communications potential and infiltration into their lives can be infinite. Word of mouth marketing, at scale, is the most valuable form of marketing. When your customers are engaging with your brand, let their friends know about it by either getting them to like your post, or providing a story that will appear in their newsfeed. Social advocacy is Continue reading