Poll Results: Marketers Focus on Acquisition

By Vlad andrianov, ADMA

Acquisition poll results_2

The ADMA Acquisition and Lead Generation Expert Group has just reviewed the results of its poll that went out to 15 leading Australian companies. The poll’s results shed some light on current industry trends, say group members. Continue reading


Marketer’s Guide to Mobile Privacy



Remember that line from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – “Don’t Panic”? Well panic often results from a lack of information and ADMA is trying to make sure its members are in the know about what’s happening in the ‘marketing galaxy’ before it has actually happened. We sat down with ADMA’s Head of Policy & Regulatory Affairs, David Simon, to talk about the Government’s consultation draft of the Mobile privacy – better practice guide for mobile app developers (the “Mobile Privacy Guide”). Continue reading

Creativity: The Value of Side Projects

By adam corney, business lead, minimega


Creativity comes in many forms; painting is as much an art form as constructing a business or a piece of communication. Side projects are becoming commonplace among your colleagues and more broadly in the workforce, and there’s a reason for it. They give you the outlet that your passions and ideas are looking for. Continue reading

Ones and Zeros Marketing

Zeros and Ones

With technology moving so fast it’s hard to predict whether we will still be calling digital marketing digital even one year from now, or whether we’ll drop the tag altogether, as everything seems to be digital these days.

Whatever it’s going to be, ones and zeros will continue to help us drive sales and be creative while doing it. Here are a few ideas about where we are headed. Continue reading

How to Build an Audience Through Email Marketing

By Teresa Becker, Strategic Field Marketing Manager, ExactTarget Australia

Email MarketingIn today’s day and age of mass communications and channels screaming for attention from every direction, it can be harder than ever to build a truly engaged audience that interacts with your communications. In a recent research report by Forrester Research, Shar VanBoskirk and Emily Riley claim that interactive marketing now accounts for 15 per cent of all advertising spend. Not only that, but they claim, “by 2014, 65 per cent of the world’s population will be mobile subscribers.” So how does your company get its fair share of attention and create a truly engaged audience? I can assure you it doesn’t start by buying a list or marketing to individuals without their consent.

Continue reading

FREE for Members: Building marketing share using behavioural traits of the shark

By Annette Bova, ADMA

Can you effectively grab market share from your competitors whilst protecting your own at the same time? Well according to Stefan Engeseth, author of the new book Sharkonomics, you can!

Stefan Engeseth’s  argues that applying the behavioural traits of the shark – hence Sharkonomics – businesses can significantly increase market share.

  • Move or die: Sharks move 24/7 most brands don’t.
  • Sharks work functionally but still they manage to create an emotion strong brand, with their triangle dorsal fin and jaws.
  • Sharks have been superior in creating ROI in over 420 million years and still are leaders in their territory.

So what can we learn from this? Through his research, Stefan has identified that taking market share from market leaders is about being aware, creating presence and punching above your weight.

Sharkonomics reveals the strong connections between how sharks and corporations develop their strategies. It outlines how businesses can be improved and strengthened by learning from one of Nature’s supreme predators.  The book builds on the universal truth that without innovation and visions, companies will not grow in today’s highly competitive business world.

Come along to a free Lunch n’ Learn to hear Stefan provide his insights on to grab market shareusing scenarios from companies such as Apple, CNN, Sony, GM, Google, Coca-Cola and Spotify to illustrate the enormous potential of all companies.

Members can come along for free and hear from Stefan.

Date: Wednesday 19th September
Time: 12.30 – 1.30pm
Venue: Westpac Bldg, Level 22, 275 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000
RSVP: membership@adma.com.au

`Marketing Week ranks Sharkonomics as one of 2012 marketing buzzwords.`

`Finally something new and fresh! Straight to the point!`
Tonje Elisabeth Aaroe, Industry Manager, Google

`You are swimming with sharks and you may not even know it. Stefan is your guide to not only surviving Sharkonomics but thriving in these adventurous economic waters.`
Brian Solis

`A stimulating read!`
Prof. Philip Kotler

More information:

Professional associations – don’t get left behind!

By Fergus Stoddart, Commercial Director, Edge

What could Australia’s professional associations possibly learn from international media heavyweights, The Economist or Harvard Business Review? Surely the only common denominator is the audience – time-poor, content-hungry business professionals wanting to extract the most pertinent insights to get ahead?

Well, it’s actually more than that. There are key lessons and insights around the impressive ROI they’re reaping from their forward-thinking content engagement and digital bravery. Since making their sizable and courageous digital and multi-channel investments some years ago, Harvard Business Review has watched its web visitors soar from 100,000 per month to 4 million! Meanwhile, The Economist has engaged a whole new crowd – 77% of its digital subscribers have never had a print subscription. Continue reading

Facebook User Posts Now Regulated

David Simon, Head of Public Policy & Corporate Affairs, ADMA

Few regulatory compliance issues have caused as much of a media storm as the news last week that the Advertising Standards Board (ASB) is of the view that a Facebook site of an advertiser is advertising and marketing communication.

What that means in practical terms is that the content of a site needs to comply with the rules for advertising, as contained in the AANA Code of Ethics.

Fair enough, some might think.  If a company sets up a Facebook page to promote a brand to the public, it seems common-sense that it’s a marketing message.  But is it really that simple to apply the usual rules to all the content on a Facebook page?  The Advertising Standards Board thinks so.  And they’re not the only ones. Continue reading

“To Be or Not To Be”…Premium

By Richard Wheeler, Manager, Client Communications Planning, MediaCom

There has been a lot of speculation about the arrival of demand side platforms into the market and their likely effect on existing publishers. Unsurprisingly, their arrival wasn’t welcomed by the premium publishers who worried that a ‘race to the bottom’ would ensue. And with supply far outstripping demand for standard display inventory their concerns are justified. However, with DSPs gradually establishing themselves in the marketplace how are these premium publishers likely to fare?

The DSPs

Much has been promised by the DSPs; super-efficient automated buying using data to buy specific audiences and deliver outstanding results. As often happens with technology, the DSPs have not Continue reading