Poll Results: Email Marketing ROI

By Vlad andrianov, ADMA


The ADMA Email Expert Group has just reviewed the results of its poll that went out to 16 leading Australian companies. The poll’s results shed some light on current industry trends, as group members suggest. Continue reading


Digital Storm

Screen grab of a video by NASA

As a 1,500-kilometer-wide storm hurricane Sandy was ravaging the East Coast of the United States, despite power outages, the digital world saw yet another storm of messaging, comms, mobile app traffic and big data. Here are a few quick facts: Continue reading

How to Build an Audience Through Email Marketing

By Teresa Becker, Strategic Field Marketing Manager, ExactTarget Australia

Email MarketingIn today’s day and age of mass communications and channels screaming for attention from every direction, it can be harder than ever to build a truly engaged audience that interacts with your communications. In a recent research report by Forrester Research, Shar VanBoskirk and Emily Riley claim that interactive marketing now accounts for 15 per cent of all advertising spend. Not only that, but they claim, “by 2014, 65 per cent of the world’s population will be mobile subscribers.” So how does your company get its fair share of attention and create a truly engaged audience? I can assure you it doesn’t start by buying a list or marketing to individuals without their consent.

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Latest Benchmark: 1 in 5 Legitimate Emails Never Reach Australian Inboxes

By Theo Noel, Regional Director Australia/NZL, Return Path

Return Path recently announced the findings from its bi-annual Global Email Deliverability Benchmark Report, 2H 2011, which analyses over 1.1 million email marketing campaigns. For the first time in the history of this report, we witnessed a sharp decline in worldwide inbox placement rates (IPR) for the second half of 2011, with only 76.5% of legitimate email reaching consumer inboxes globally.

For Australia, the study reveals that inbox placement rates for commercial email remain at just 81% on average, with 2% going to spam folders and 17% quite simply going missing – meaning 1 in 5 legitimate marketing emails aren’t reaching Australian inboxes.

The findings from our benchmark report show the effects of a perfect storm: clients are having difficulty in getting their emails delivered, ISPs are tightening requirements on reputation metrics and the number of companies using email to market continues to increase.

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CEO Thought of the Month: Removing the Boundaries of Data Integration

By Jodie Sangster, CEO, ADMA

While the explosion of data has left many marketers grappling with the data integration issues – including how to make sense of the vast information now available through digital channels –  Google will today bring into effect its plan to link user data across its email, video and social-networking sites. This move enables Google to integrated data across 60 Google products including Gmail, YouTube and web search.

The concept of integrating data across an organisation is a panacea for marketers trying to gain the all-important single customer view. This is certainly not as simple as it sounds and was identified in the IBM CMO study as one of the key issues concerning CMO’s worldwide.  In addition to the immediate challenges that arise through any integration strategy,  it is clear from media surrounding Google’s move that it can raise privacy issues that many had not previous contemplated.

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Special Announcement: Newly Launched Marketing Expert Groups

ADMA invites you to join its new Marketing Expert Groups. Formerly known as ADMA Councils, the new look Expert Groups are exclusively for marketers with a community focus on progressing direct, data and digital driven marketing.

Our Expert Groups have been designed for people who have an interest in advancing themselves through knowledge, technology and discovery. These groups will be the core of marketing excellence. Each group will debate on a particular issue or on a range of issues; they will gather and contribute to the overall advancement of our marketing industry.

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10 Must-Haves for your Marketing Plan

By Nina Hendy 

As the list of ways to promote your business grows, working out the most effective way to spruik your business can be half the battle. That’s why it’s vital that small-and medium-sized businesses put a solid marketing strategy in place and make sure they don’t deviate from the plan.

Here are 10 things your plan must do.

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Interview: Top Tips for a Successful Email Strategy

By Eric Prugh, Director of Solutions Consulting APAC, ExactTarget

Eric quotes one of his key strengths as “breaking down technology into digestible, meaningful tools.”

In this interview, Eric discusses his top tips for a successful email campaign and his had five simple rules for marketers to develop a successful email strategy:

  1. Establish at least five measurable goals and KPI’s for your email program. What makes it successful? How will you know it worked? How will you know your customers are engaged? (And those KPI’s should go beyond open and click-through rate).
  2. Keep it brief and link to more information where applicable. Always include concise, clear calls to action centred around what you want your subscriber to do when they receive the email.
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ADMA White Paper dispels email myths

By Maryjane Aviles, Oliver Palmer and Elly Towns, ADMA Digital Council.

Digital marketing is an ever changing landscape, with new technologies rising and falling almost daily. The challenge for marketers is determining where email sits in the armoury of marketing tools? How to select the right digital tools to deliver on client’s direct marketing requirements and expectations? How to deliver effective email marketing without falling foul of regulatory guidelines, codes of conduct and laws such as the Spam Act?

This White Paper provides marketers with an understanding of the email landscape including an overview of relevant regulations, a best in class guideline and a practical step-by-step guide to implementing a successful email campaign. The Paper also includes successful case studies that lend themselves to almost any business wishing to better communicate with its customers using email.

Download the white paper here.

White Paper created by ADMA Digital Council Members:

Maryjane Aviles, Client Services Director, Moon Communications Group
Oliver Palmer, Co-founder and Head of Innovation, TigerSpike
Elly Towns, Director, Growth & Retention Marketing Development Manager, IAG.

Australia’s Email Marketers: Leaving Money on the Table

By Theo Noel.

Return Path recently announced the findings from its Global Email Deliverability Benchmark Report, 1H 2011.”

A simply massive exercise – we undertake this task to get “the real feel” for the global and local pulse on whether we, as an industry are moving the bar on email deliverability – and whether we have as a whole, or in part moved the needle in implementing email marketing best practices.  We reviewed data from 149 ISPs in Asia Pacific, North America, Central and Latin America and Europe from January through June of 2011 and tracked the delivery, blocking and filtering rates for over 600,000 email marketing campaigns.

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