Poll Results: Email Marketing ROI

By Vlad andrianov, ADMA


The ADMA Email Expert Group has just reviewed the results of its poll that went out to 16 leading Australian companies. The poll’s results shed some light on current industry trends, as group members suggest. Continue reading


Mobile Is The Way


MobiDdiction blog pic_19MAR13

Courtesy of mobiDdiction

Many businesses are still trying to provide customers with the best possible solutions via their desktop websites, but mobile has added a new level of complexity to it.

The technology and the platforms used are unique in many ways and mobile, as a channel, cannot be ignored anymore. Here’s a number of ways mobile can assist in growing your business or brand. Continue reading

Marketing Resolutions to Keep in 2013


Resolutions – it’s so easy to make them. But keeping them is a whole different story. However, as the world around us is changing so quickly, maybe it’s a good idea to change with it, keep the promises and deliver against tough targets. Here’s how to stay in the marketing game this year. Continue reading

A Revelation of Marketing through the Expert Groups


Just over a week ago, the first Expert Group meeting took place. With over 70 senior marketers attending there were a number of critical marketing issues and emerging trends identified.

Two interesting statements that stood out included:
1. Demystification of Marketing

The issues each group had in this area was mainly around the ‘buzz words’ that marketers use. Many of us use various statements, however many marketers openly admit that there is disparity on the definition of certain terms. A prime example of this is the term ‘Big Data’, which has appeared frequently in the past year, but means different things to different people.

The challenge will be to ensure marketers are talking the same language. It’s about making the “complex simple and the simple compelling”, as Phil Smith, Managing Director of Apparent stated.

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Latest Benchmark: 1 in 5 Legitimate Emails Never Reach Australian Inboxes

By Theo Noel, Regional Director Australia/NZL, Return Path

Return Path recently announced the findings from its bi-annual Global Email Deliverability Benchmark Report, 2H 2011, which analyses over 1.1 million email marketing campaigns. For the first time in the history of this report, we witnessed a sharp decline in worldwide inbox placement rates (IPR) for the second half of 2011, with only 76.5% of legitimate email reaching consumer inboxes globally.

For Australia, the study reveals that inbox placement rates for commercial email remain at just 81% on average, with 2% going to spam folders and 17% quite simply going missing – meaning 1 in 5 legitimate marketing emails aren’t reaching Australian inboxes.

The findings from our benchmark report show the effects of a perfect storm: clients are having difficulty in getting their emails delivered, ISPs are tightening requirements on reputation metrics and the number of companies using email to market continues to increase.

Key Industry Findings Continue reading

Research and Insights on Attracting and Converting the Modern B2B Buyer

The pressure for B2B marketers is on. Modern B2B buyers have an increasing tendency and capacity to research purchasing decisions online long before they engage with Sales. They are empowered with information, and are reluctant from a persistently struggling economy. Winning over modern B2B buyers requires organisations to revolutionise their marketing approach, and the barriers to success are vast.

Facing great scrutiny, we must act on the buyer’s terms, tie all activities into revenue, and continually optimise performance.

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10 Must-Haves for your Marketing Plan

By Nina Hendy 

As the list of ways to promote your business grows, working out the most effective way to spruik your business can be half the battle. That’s why it’s vital that small-and medium-sized businesses put a solid marketing strategy in place and make sure they don’t deviate from the plan.

Here are 10 things your plan must do.

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The Big Australian Report for Email, Mobile, Social and Web

ADMA would like to share “The big Australian report” from Responsys.

Key highlights in the report include:

  • Email performance benchmarks across nine industries
  • Growth in cross channel, lifecycle marketing programs
  • Best days to send messages
  • Types of messages making up the 300% growth in mobile messages
  • Factors behind the 100% growth in social messages
  • Key priorities for 2011/2012

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