What Jack Black Taught Us About Mobile Behaviour

By adam corney, business lead, minimega


In Cannes this week, actor/comedian/musician Jack Black presented a topic on the new world of online content that jumped out at a few folks on the intertubes. One comment in particular stood out: Continue reading


Poll Results: Email Marketing ROI

By Vlad andrianov, ADMA


The ADMA Email Expert Group has just reviewed the results of its poll that went out to 16 leading Australian companies. The poll’s results shed some light on current industry trends, as group members suggest. Continue reading

Connected Creativity



Consumer touch points and mediums have dramatically increased. The path to purchase is now dependent on a very savvy consumer who has so much choice, so many different ways to access content, the type of interactivity and engagement that the consumer is able to go through even before getting anywhere close to making a decision on the product or service. In all this, ideas and creativity are all-important but is your creative connected? Continue reading

Mobile Is The Way


MobiDdiction blog pic_19MAR13

Courtesy of mobiDdiction

Many businesses are still trying to provide customers with the best possible solutions via their desktop websites, but mobile has added a new level of complexity to it.

The technology and the platforms used are unique in many ways and mobile, as a channel, cannot be ignored anymore. Here’s a number of ways mobile can assist in growing your business or brand. Continue reading

Four Core Metrics of Mobile Strategy

By adam corney, business lead, minimega


Whenever you’re planning or reviewing your mobile strategy, it’s often unclear which metrics are actually practical and which are just vanity.

Here are four core metrics that have proven themselves useful. Continue reading

How to Build an Audience Through Email Marketing

By Teresa Becker, Strategic Field Marketing Manager, ExactTarget Australia

Email MarketingIn today’s day and age of mass communications and channels screaming for attention from every direction, it can be harder than ever to build a truly engaged audience that interacts with your communications. In a recent research report by Forrester Research, Shar VanBoskirk and Emily Riley claim that interactive marketing now accounts for 15 per cent of all advertising spend. Not only that, but they claim, “by 2014, 65 per cent of the world’s population will be mobile subscribers.” So how does your company get its fair share of attention and create a truly engaged audience? I can assure you it doesn’t start by buying a list or marketing to individuals without their consent.

Continue reading

Why B2B Marketers Should Invest in Organic Traffic for SEO

by Michela Ziady, g2m Solutions

Announced by Google in August this year, a record hit of 3 billion searches are being made per day – a notable increase since 2011 where figures were just above 1.5 billion. So what’s important about this?

Well, other than the growth in traffic equating to an increase in potential leadsmore online conversation and buzz, and more traffic to your particular site, there’s a marked correlation between organic content and SEO. Thought you knew that already? Let’s take a look at the figures, and other insights provided by Rand Fishkin, (CEO SEOmoz) and Dharmesh Shah (CTO, HubSpot) in their webinar on The State of SEO and Internet Marketinginbound marketing vs paid advertising

Inbound marketing trumps paid ads

Of all clicks made on any given SERP, 75% of these clicks go to organic results and not paid ads. Ouch if you just bid for a fairly pricey ad. But, for many B2B inbound marketers, this validates an exciting truth: inbound drives the vast majority of traffic on the web. SEO is steamrolling paid search. And content drives SEO. This means that any inbound marketer needs to be Continue reading

Putting Customers at the Heart of Your Analytics Strategy

By Rusty Warner.

Consumers have changed. Their expectations have evolved and they have become more demanding.

Some are motivated purely by price, while others remain fiercely loyal to certain brands. Others want to understand “green” or “fair trade” or “cruelty free” aspects of various products to ensure their purchase decisions are politically correct. For some, the decision will hinge on the “cool factor” of the brand.

Many consumers will take advantage of digital channels to learn about products or services before making a decision to purchase, with the transaction occurring in a shop. This process is known as “ROBO”  Research Online, Buy Offline. However, today this may be more accurately described as “REBA” Research Everywhere, Buy Anywhere – as consumers look to every channel for information and expect to purchase products and services in the manner most convenient to them.

Given these challenges, how can marketers keep pace with these ever-changing demands of the consumer? Do you have the tools to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time, across the right channel? Actually, you’d better make that channels, since multi-channel is no longer good enough; marketing messages must be orchestrated cross-channel as well.

Let’s say three people visit your website or interact with your brand in some way…

  • Do you know which one is an existing customer?
    If so, do you know if he or she is profitable to your brand?
  • Do you have an up-to-date record of purchase history?
  • Do you know what he or she is likely to purchase next?
  • If none of them is a current customer, how do you determine which one(s) exhibit the best characteristics to become target prospect(s)?
  • How do you follow-up?
  • How do you decide the appropriate messaging?
  • What channel do you use to deliver it?

These are the questions marketing organisations must answer every single day in order to engage and build relationships with their customers. Putting customers at the heart of your analytics strategy will provide actionable insights to drive successful decision-making.

For more on how to apply analytics to your customer engagement programs, join the ADMA webinar “Putting customers at the heart of your analytics strategy” on December 1st at 10.00am (EST). Register here.

Article supplied by Rusty Warner, Alterian.